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More fundraisers are now on http://bitfund.cash - they need your help - its up to each of us to support them, will you show what Bitcoin is really about?
There's several new Bitcoin Cash crowd-fundraisers on http://bitfund.cash! The new search+tag helps you discover something new to support, every 0.001 BCH makes a difference!
One of the fundraisers on bitfund, JKid, is posting weekly BCH articles on yours.org and memo.cash: https://memo.cash/post/b437f7dbb2ef4cf6d0a1a56de8370286122ad71049c1842d2eca989350b466b9
Make a difference! Browse & support Bitcoin Cash crowd-fundraiser projects: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/91z6yi/make_a_difference_browse_support_bitcoin_cash/
Great work on setting up your page and posts, hope more donations come in for you soon!
A more recent step-by-step guide to start your own Bitcoin Cash fundraiser is here: http://agf.earth/guide/apb
Read about Jkid's fundraiser on this new memo.cash thread: https://memo.cash/post/94c31d6dbecd8be692e0db4ab61d517a42bf1d714c7c560d232b1692a268d33c
donate to the akari global foundation : $agf.earth
PSA: You can crowdfund in Bitcoin Cash for your next project, big or small, all funds go directly to you. See http://bitfund.cash for details
If you have any questions or need help starting you can ask reddit user http://reddit.com/u/akari_bit
Instructions on how to set up your own page is here http://agf.earth/guide/akaripages/
This topic is about the BCH micro-crowdfunding highlight page at http://bitfund.cash and any discussion relating to ongoing fundraisers
Start a Bitcoin Cash micro-crowdfundraiser for free, no signup required, using: https://github.com/AKARI-B3/akaripages/blob/master/README.md more info on http://bitfund.cash!