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Make a difference! Browse & support Bitcoin Cash crowd-fundraiser projects: https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/91z6yi/make_a_difference_browse_support_bitcoin_cash/
Great work on setting up your page and posts, hope more donations come in for you soon!
All thank to bitfund.cash for helping make this possible to make anatoliap.github.io/SaveOurHome/
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· 213 days ago
As promised in the goals here is my Official Website, it's basic but it will grow over time with more edits, a portfolio, and writings I did all in one place:
Hey, can you give me work? I am from Venezuela, a friend from the community told me that maybe you can could have a work for me... im actually needing one,
We support Bitcoin Cash projects that are launched and/or individuals raising money with BCH using APB, our continue support relies on micro-donations from Bitcoin Cash users globally
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· 220 days ago
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· 220 days ago
I'm up for the challenge :)
Just now I've received $5.16 USD towards my next goal of starting work on creating a website representing me, my work, writings, resume,and my photography and vidtography portfolio,technology manuals and tutorials.
Congrats on reaching the first few goals Jkid! Personal websites seem to be a requirement for success these days, hope to see you reach that next goal so you can work on that.
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· 220 days ago
A more recent step-by-step guide to start your own Bitcoin Cash fundraiser is here: http://agf.earth/guide/apb
Read about Jkid's fundraiser on this new memo.cash thread: https://memo.cash/post/94c31d6dbecd8be692e0db4ab61d517a42bf1d714c7c560d232b1692a268d33c
You can view my fundraising page: https://ndokeh.github.io/helpJkid/

Already I've met goals of $20 and $120 for a new state ID and renewing my passport. Because both have expired.
http://Bitfund.cash is a decentralized fundraiser system that allows anyone to set up a fundraising page and get funding via #BitcoinCash via a simple webhost like Github
Yesterday, I made a post on reddit's r/BTC about a new decentralized fundraiser system called http://Bitfund.cash


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· 220 days ago
I wanted to start a campaign but plattform is a little bit difficult to understand.
Hi Alberto, let us know what was difficult, so we can improve, have you seen the new guide at http://agf.earth/guide/apb ?