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For those looking for information on the coronavirus, very interesting read: https://medium.com/@tomaspueyo/coronavirus-act-today-or-people-will-die-f4d3d9cd99ca
CashFusion Sale: u/molecc matches your donations to the CashFusion fund for 48 hours (20 hours left)
When I was A carrot 🥕❤ | Selfie Time

In support of the goal of allowing Bitcoin Cash to become the best money the world has ever seen, I support the Bitcoin Cash node project.
- Jonald
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Also, logging-in (or signing up) with CashID? Who needs email these days? :)
More than $26,500 (53% of the target amount) donated to the CashFusion fund so far: https://www.bitcoin.com/cashfusion-fund/
Who could inform me about an online course or an interesting book about Bitcoin Cash or blockchain I want to have much more knowledge? That is not very expensive I do not have much money
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There should be plenty of free resources to learn about Bitcoin Cash (and Bitcoin, before 2017). What specifically are you looking for?
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Try again :)
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In depth analysis as to why the IFP is a bad idea:
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I asked the group of BCH-friendly hardware miners on reddit several questions. One was "Do you think the majority of miners will view the IFP as a tax / reduction in profit?" The unanimous answer was:
Yes, it will be viewed as a tax. 4 votes · 1,000 satoshis
No, it will not be viewed as a tax. 1 votes · 999 satoshis


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