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Believer in true intent of cryptocurrency, to circumvent the corrupt central banks and bring the free market back to the People.


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Bitstagram is my favorite app! BSV used block space surpasses BTC for day number 2 now!! Yay!!
· 198d · memo
Memo Android app now has full SV support. You can use the title menu to toggle between BCH and BSV.
He’s floating in the Yangtze River LOL
lol, afaik there never was a mute function on memo itself. you had to use memo++ but idk if it's been updated.
We need to get rid of DAA on BSV. Its better to allow issuance based on miners joining system and have difficulty adjusted every two weeks. It’s better for miner rewards.
CSW is going to take down Jihan Wu, Haipo Yang, Roger Ver, all minority hash supporting exchanges. That will be very impressive.
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And I plan to mine BCH even if it goes to $0 to fight. I’ve made so much, I can fight for years.
replied · 316d
Getting more than 51% is the correct move. Attacking minority is the move CSW SHOULD do. Most ppl just think it's bad, when it's not.
I'm questioning one word - to me it is a defense. Defense of the original bitcoin. So I call it 51% defense. With that, try reading your sentence again!
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OK. I just meant you have to buy BTC to buy another coin.
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POS is the same scam as the federal reserve - the ones who hold the most(the banks) control the entire system. Methinks that's why China likes POS so much.
replied · 317d
Last I checked Tether had regained dollar parity.. wait, nevermind, it's definitely imploding again..
No idea what will happen but SVpool doubled hashpower today while CoinGeek remained unchanged.
replied · 318d
thanks for this ;)
In recent months, I have used less and less reddit. memo is my favorite.
There is 4% increase of SVpool+CoinGeek combined since October 9th so there is new hashpower
replied · 327d
Sock puppets? lol
Ummmmm everyone on Memo is here because they think for themselves and aren’t following the Reddit herd of sheeple. So who are the sock puppets yr talking about?
replied · 328d
Let the block size be miner configurable - stop trying to central plan anything. I think SV might be the way to go.
replied · 328d
The SV hate seems to be stronger on r/btc than here on Memo. And I agree, I favor Bitcoin SV in the coming hash war.
replied · 338d
I think that's for your own use, nothing sitewide or anything. I think it's meant so you can say "Yes, I know this the real Roger Ver" and have peace of mind next time you see him post
If you want to try making some zero fee txs, check out my project on Github: https://github.com/andersrh/Wallet (fork of the Bitcoin.com wallet code)
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Memo is by far my favorite way of making meaningful on-chain transaction.
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