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Believer in true intent of cryptocurrency, to circumvent the corrupt central banks and bring the free market back to the People.


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again from sv memo
testing from sv memo
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He’s floating in the Yangtze River LOL
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lmao Jihan
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Is there benefit if someone creates a blog post of a human-readable breakdown of unwriter's tools from the beginning of the year and their practical uses?
Yes 5 votes · 11,000 satoshis
No 0 votes · 0 satoshis


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split coins
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Found the issue, I was using the SV memo site, if I use the memo.cash URL my muting works. Guess the extension does not work with the sv site.
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lol, afaik there never was a mute function on memo itself. you had to use memo++ but idk if it's been updated.
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I think you are right, mine does not seem to be working anymore
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Was the mute function removed? I need to re-mute the socialists.
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We need to get rid of DAA on BSV. Its better to allow issuance based on miners joining system and have difficulty adjusted every two weeks. It’s better for miner rewards.
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