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Are You Looking For a Project For Coinparty 2020 Hackathon? ($25k in Prizes)
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1d · NabtaPlaya
I saw a tv show a few years ago about Nabta Playa, supposedly an ancient monolith site in north Africa that accurately measures the distances of stars. I'm going to be looking into that today.
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Sorry no Friday Freeroll this week buddy 😅
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Muling na i-post ang iyong mensahe
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...the pretentiously titled 'Manifesto for the memo protocol'
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Ive noticed on twitter, it matters a lot more who is saying it, but on reddit/hn, it matters a lot more what is being said.
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Muling na i-post ang iyong mensahe sa paksang Golden Nugget
If BCH tx fees were as low as Litecoin's it would be easier for cool services like #MEMBER and #MEMO to turn a profit.
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I wish Memo/Member allowed you to set a custom posting fee that increased the stickiness of your post. I want to see quality content outranking beggars and I also want to see these sites earning money.
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username app881 , tq
Big win
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Big win hopefully gonna be able to get that Big win...
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TWOLADIES bout to beat diz new players
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BIG THANKS to everyone who played this week's FRIDAY FREEROLL!
Congrats @app881 and @bigwin
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Nice game @twoladies congrats on winning third place, buddy!
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I'm kidding i didnt send u anything haha
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would be nice to play with you some time!
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Muling na i-post ang iyong mensahe sa paksang poker
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will u buy my soup? 🥺
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One day I'm gonna run out of poker table passwords.. give me your recent porn searches so I can have choices 🤣🤣