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Drinking beer with James
It that's the date new software says it is ready,
it's going to be tested.
It that's the date new software says it is ready,
it's going to be tested.
BCH Boys previewing the CG Conference!!
Madison BCH Meetup
Thanks for the comments. We are working to set up a Q&A with the SV developers. We'll give more info on that as we figure those details out.
Just to be clear: reply to this post with your stress test message and like this post with the amount to stress! (min 15000 sat) Then watch here:
Bitcoin is an economic system.
Going to start posting more things here. A lot less astroturfing when people have to pay to troll.
Notice how quiet the anti-CSW trolls are here compared to reddit? They are mostly Blockstream employees that don't have BCH
A more in0depth explanation of his recent tweets.
Great interview, Craig is always interesting to listen to. Really hope he and Nchain will deliver some useful tech.
Another conversation with Dr. Craig S Wright:
Another conversation with Dr. Craig S Wright:
Paper 759

"Computer implemented method: Search"

This is one that some large companies will notice in time... but not yet.
Check out Marco Coino!
Hello to all the Maine people liking this website!
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Crony capitalism =/= capitalism. We are both opposed to crony capitalism.
Competition in the market prevents that. Unions are bloated bureaucracy. "They" took risks and built a company that I now work for. They do a lot more than "nothing".
They have every right to do so :)
I think I get paid very fairly for my work. I don't feel exploited whatsoever.
We aren't being mean either, but we won't be joining you in that fight :)