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Welcome! ;)
Yesterday I biked around and spotted a lake full of beautiful wild swans ('lebedi' in the Russian language). I found my way along the lake to take a couple of good photos with a sun setting in a frame.
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It's been over a year and this hasn't gotten any better, disappointing, I was hoping thumbnails would get better by now is all I was asking...
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Contributing to topics: My Arc-Eyed Hawk Fish on the lurk, posted up in some Montipora coral...
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Yes please remove the FAKE flower... or don't, it's your cactus, enjoy the mammillaria they make great flowers on their own...
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We must never give up the fight https://makersplace.com/axephotography/
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of course, its so easy! Free money for everyone! Just do it! c'mon...
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Unusual Uther
And higher than the now-BitcoinCash inflation rate too...
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I am taking a multivitamin everyday, and some days an extra zinc and vitamin C too, why not, can't hurt, I'm working from home and not going out much either, but I do like beer, so...
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You took it?
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That’s a sweet chess set♟😳 ;)
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Devil Cholla in bloom on an overcast morning
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"Arizona Sunset" Torch Cactus in bloom
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Well I'll share a pic then and hopefully get a smile or 2...
I'm back after a while of inactivity, but I was here from the beginning, kinda disappointing memo.cash is only up to 11k users by now...
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“Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.” – Sun Tzu
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"You always own the option of having no opinion. There is never any need to get worked up or to trouble your soul about things you can’t control." - Marcus Aurelius
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Finally managed to setup my profile picture
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Just looked at the list of newest profiles, which can be found here: https://memo.cash/profiles/new

It's nice to see a steady stream of newcomers to this platform. Like we're red pilling people one by one. #dailymemo