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Just looked at the list of newest profiles, which can be found here: https://memo.cash/profiles/new

It's nice to see a steady stream of newcomers to this platform. Like we're red pilling people one by one. #dailymemo
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...but still better than any other system tried yet
· 17d
I was going to buy a box of frosted, blueberry donuts and stress eat after the market tanked.

Not today satan. I feel bad about life but l’ll do it with abs. Health/wellbeing > money
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Do you mean figuratively -the company, or literally -the fruit?
· 17d
For me BCH is a stable coin. Writing a memo a year ago cost me just as much as it did today and in a year it will cost the same.
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but one thing that kind of runs past my mind is "why all of the sudden the attention from her?"
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I forgot the fee to send, so that’s like what, 270 satoshi? ;)
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20,999,999.99999999 Satoshi
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The way you think and feel about yourself , including belifs and expectations about what is possible for you , determines everything that happens to you.
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I'm starting to think memo.cash might be the most interesting thing in all of crypto right now. I'm glad I'm here. #dailymemo
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Bitcoin Cash Projects...WOW
List of current projects and applications being built around Bitcoin Cash
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That’s cool! How can we make one?
· 52d
Hello everyone. I'm new user. Nice to see you.
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voted Bitcoin.com · 51d
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What is best wallet for Bitcoin Cash?
Bitcoin.com 10 votes · 1,666 satoshis
Coinbase 1 votes · 0 satoshis
BTC.COM 0 votes · 0 satoshis
Other 3 votes · 0 satoshis


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Life is okay sometimes, but if you work hard, maybe, just maybe, it will get better.
· 52d
A memo a day keeps the lightning away. #dailymemo :P
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Good one ;)
· 52d
don't consume your own inventory.
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But what if my inventory is just for me and I re-up daily? no worries...
· 52d
Bitcoin Cash is the best! :)