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· 84d
Hello memo world . Happy Sunday everyone!
· 116d
good evening memo world, thanks to everyone who has visiting me and tipping me here. appreciate it a lot , BCH 💚
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hello there, where can we guess it and join?
· 121d
Don't forget to guess the bitcoin fee.
Current jackpot over 8 mio satoshis!
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Bitcoin Cash Activist Man Of No Ego
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yaz beb, thanks for making higit of me to get active here again , lezzgo @memo! lezzgo BCH! 💚
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Welcome back my dear friend! ^_^ Let's love BCH and its fast transfers compared to BTC. Get updated with the latest news here shared by the most active members.
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rock n roll!!! 💚
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wow!!! so happy about this , and so proud of you!!! Go PHP-CH!!! 💚
· 121d
Created PHP-CH (Philippine Cash)
I have seen countries creating their own Tokens so I wouldn't want Philippines to get left behind!
Supply: 10-Million Tokens.
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set profile pic · 122d
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uploading my profile picture 💚

· 123d
Time left to determine toady's winner and to guess the fee for Wednesday: 5h

Current best: Bitcoin Cash Activist

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· 122d
Just wanna share a good read i had earlier. Credits to @bitbrain of steem

· 122d
happy Thursday @memo world!!! BCH soar high and high! 💚
· 124d · memo
BCH: 425892-424772=1120 memo txs. num of txs📉27.5%, account for 2.1% of all BCH txs(52771)
BSV: 768738-768473=265 memo txs, num of txs📉18.7%, (56741)
BTC: (295946)
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Bitcoin Cash Activist Man Of No Ego
The thought occurs that they are using USDT for money laundering.
Some things never change.
sent · 80,000 sats · 124d
Thank you so much too for the info about Steem Engine! Yes let's be active here on memo.cash.