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replied 2d
do again the clone from gitlab repo and follow the readme
3d · MIST
listed 1,000,000 GOLD for 50,000,000 satoshis (50 each) 5d

replied 6d
miner will be public release on gitlab for collaboration
replied 8d
mist mining is second layer secured by bch mining
8d · MIST
i will release my miner after first halving... i am solving bugs and optimizing performance before release.

miner is nodejs and supports multiple cpu. tested on windows and linux.
replied 13d
we learn little from victory, much from defeat
replied 14d
when sending a package that is tamper proof, does it matter who carries it?
14d · MIST
when you are secure, you realize it is redundant to shake hands
14d · MIST
unsignedMintHex = txnHelpers.setTxnLocktime(unsignedMintHex, bchBlockHeight);

16d · MIST
console.log(`Our worker solhash is: ${message.solhash.toString("hex")}`);
replied 16d
correction.. `(bchBlockHeight - TOKEN_START_BLOCK)`
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replied 16d
pm2 uses same cluster module for multiple cpu
16d · MIST
npm install cluster
16d · MIST
if (_bestTokenHeight >= (bchBlockHeight - TOKEN_START_BLOCK)) {...}
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