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I am sorry about my temperate mind set at times, I shouldnt get annoyed but when u see so much propoganda and deceit its hard not too over react at times. Good thing you guys are here to help keep me grounded
Erik Voorhees: “Much of the hatred toward other blockchains and crypto projects just comes across as fundamental insecurity about [BTC] itself.
Eric Lombrozo is the Co-CEO and Co-founder of Ciphrex, and a Bitcoin Core developer.
Bitcoin decession making lol, Fork them Naomi, not spoon
I unsubscribed to Naomis channel and i used to send her lots of tips on bitbacker. I know it might seem extreme but she knows fine well the implications of her actions so i feel really disillusioned by her actions!
Hash Power 6.48% looks like higher prices on route !
Arise, you have nothing to lose but your barbed wire fences!
Learning about IPFS, I am impressed, wow wow wow
Good Morning Memo, I love the smell of profits in the morning
BCH moving higher back toward trend lines
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Just got wind that Wikileaks did another upload of files, @Chris Troutner, perhaps this is your department?