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Selling the BCHF Token to use for BCH Meetups, cost of each BCHF Token is 1,4,00,000 satoshis, the cost of a pint for the meetups. Buy a token, buy a pint for someone @ the BCH Meetup.


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· 12h
BCH Difficulty needs some kind of rethink.
Waiting hours between blocks is a deal-breaker.
There could be some kind of difficulty decrease after 15minutes ?
Surely someone has considered this....
US Breaks Gasoline Consumption Record AGAIN


· 4h

500,000 Total Memo actions #memo #bitcoincash
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you're very welcome
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you're very welcome
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Hey, is funded somehow? I'm wondering if you'd be interested in a token like to fund help from open source developers. Check out the biz plan. Interested? Contact me.
LOL. Sadly, seems that nobody cares about central Asia countries. Countries like Uzbekistan are beautiful.
· 4d
BCH looking boolish AF.
Bch up 16% against btc
· 5d

Gabriel Cardona's Tokambrian Explosion - The Importance of Tokens to Bitcoin Cash. exiting stuff #bch #tokens #bitcoincash
Found a bug while handling exceptions in MemoBirb (in truth, it just didn't.)
Patch to be released in 5 minutes or less
It's called High signal to noise ratio. BCH is the high signal. Most of the rest is noise
$353 (+6.71%)
$353 (+6.71%)
0.033 (+12.17%)
Decoupling looks so good right now. A see of red, btc down 5% and bch up 5 %
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· 6d
The richest nations will fight Bitcoin adoption the hardest.

Real adoption comes from the grass roots.
Bitcoin is not helicopter money, it is proof of work money.
· 6d
May you find inner peace.
Using language and words clearly, accurately, and correctly is quite powerful.
Well he said some vulgar stuff to me regarding economics . Btw I study fractal economics. It's why I love bch. I had to mute him after what he said. Totally vulgar.
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Anarcho capitalist
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Wats going on bro. Have we been sent the worst troll in history?