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replied · 119d
The difference being that
other so-called 'uncensored media'
all have 'single point of failure' flaws [owners]
which the MEMO protocol evades.
Is your internet down too?
You have no "Rights"
That is your freedom
is not quite holy scripture for those of us
who thrive just fine in an quietly empty home.
replied · 124d
I you send me your simpleledger address I'll send you 1 MEMO. Maybe it will be in great demand in a few years.
replied · 124d
Is memo being censored?
Or you're saying it's the solution?
*on a previous post that was still up on app*
*presses New Memo*
*nothing happens*
*presses Dashboard and then New Memo*
*writes this Memo*
Terence & Dennis McKenna Exposed
replied · 124d
I hope you will get your money back
Joe Rogan Exposed (corrected audio)
replied · 124d
Essentially making the exchange program think that was my deposit instead of my 1 BCH, and caused a low amount error. Now my 1 in 21 million is stuck in some hellish limbo.
replied · 124d
How could this be corrected for?
How to Use the Bitbacker PowerChat
replied · 124d
replied · 124d
lol You did, in Bitcoin SV. I'm being a dumbass.
replied · 124d
It might be best to start a topic here on memo to consolidate the discussion.
replied · 124d
You just started a convo :)
Tell me about it :D