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Is your internet down too?
*on a previous post that was still up on app*
*presses New Memo*
*nothing happens*
*presses Dashboard and then New Memo*
*writes this Memo*
Terence & Dennis McKenna Exposed
Joe Rogan Exposed (corrected audio)
How to Use the Bitbacker PowerChat
I suddenly can't do anything on my fb.
All actions fail to post.
Am I shadowbanned?
If you're so inclined, sub to Logan Hart's new channel!
I post on the official memo app, and share from the unofficial one. Some little annoying bugs that generate extra clicks: notifs bring you to feed, even if you're writing a post, and must go to dashboard to write new.
Earn-and-pay is the new "free" that sustains without making you the product.
Looking For Exclusively Open Source... Everything, part 3: Phones and Coding
Oh cool you can see how much sats you have without going to your account page now :)
The Moral And Practical Necessity Of Open Source Phones
Where is the link to memo posts you make on the official app? I only see the blockchain links.