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Love to write and make digital art,also to learn as much as I can in the time I have

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Thank you ;)
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This is beautiful!
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Amazing! Will do
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Amazing! Will do
Bought some more ADA and XRP today wich one wil moon first?
How many Cardano fans do we have on Memo? im curious!
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Hi could you tell me how I can post? where is the faucet f
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Hi could you tell me how I can post? where is the faucet f
Made some good money with BTC last night got so exited I I could not sleep!
Will Bitcoin hit 20 000 after the halving? let us know why you think so!
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Can you send me the info?
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its my birthday! looking for something to make it feel more like a better day at least guess time takes away every drop of excitement away
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Do you think it should be legal for women to drive?
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I will try my best to quit drinking. I really want to help the entire world, even though I seem like an asshole sometimes. If you have some tips for me, I kind of need them.
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I don't know what the law is where you are at but I know marijuana can help you a bunch..and if you go for the rite strain it will help you focus your attention on things you love
What a stupid crazy world!
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