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Go to his profile, then click "Mute"
700d · CashAddr Adoption
This topic is for reporting on uptake of CashAddr by various services, so we can compose a better picture for users and promote its further adoption.
702d · Bitcoin Cash
I have adopted Bitcoin Cash, because it is the only cryptocurrency that is convenient even for small payments AND it is widely accepted (via BitPay, Coinbase Commerce, etc.)
replied 703d
barely realible + zero users
803d · BCH Speculation
BCH is still a lot more volatile but it keeps building up real usage AKA market depts.
replied 819d
1 bit = 100 satoshi

replied 819d
1 millibitcoin = 100 thousand satoshis
1 microbitcoin = 1 bit = 100 satoshis

As a Frenchman I'm choosing "satoshi". Why? Because "bit" means dick in French.
990d · Capitalism
Why do you assume capitalism needs to be destructive to make a profit?
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lol, I sabotaged my own poll by adding those options. I think CSW is rubbing off on me.
1001d · Capitalism
So far the only conclusion I can make is that as humans we do not fully understand ourselves enough to say that one system is the best system. We should be more careful students of history.
1002d · Capitalism
Capitalism has helped create the highest quality of life of all of human history. The fa t that you can even discuss these ideas instead of scrounging for food is proof of that.
1009d · Capitalism
Conservatives believe that in reality they behave irrationally out of selfishness, refusing to follow the rules of the game of life so they can cheat and have what they want without working
1009d · US Politics/Trump
Looks like LR is suffering from the Trump derangement syndrom.
1009d · Capitalism
It is the people who thi k for themselves who see the value in private property rights, and capitalism. Capitalism promotes thinking for one self.
Sk8eM dUb
1012d · Capitalism
Democracy = mob rule. The people who Frank defines as capitalists(I'd actually call them corporatists or monopolists) make all their money off of wielding mobs. The US is a republic.
1012d · Capitalism
There is no point with you. You are incapable of discussion. Sadly you are the advertisement against unmlderated discussion. You just spam nonsense.
1012d · Capitalism
Why are you on BCH, a capitalist, money-based, endeavor, @LightRider?
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:D it keeps track of the unconfirmed UTXO chain and if >25 switches to another UTXO. If you only had 1 UTXO you would have a cap of 25. But you have a lot, so your cap is high.
I am Satoshi
replied 1019d
They are confused as to what bitcoin is. Bitcoin is an economic system. Not software. They are trying to brand software, while BCH is trying to actually solve use cases.
replied 1028d
If the only reason you have relationships is sex I feel sorry for you. Loving relationships can be deeply rewarding, built on mutual trust, and healthy interdependence.
replied 1028d
As the price of BCH increases it will unleash a real fee market where some pools will accept lower fees and some will not.