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bought 100 MIST for 350,000 satoshis (3,500 each) from 45d
bought 50 MIST for 185,000 satoshis (3,700 each) from 45d
bought 50 MIST for 185,000 satoshis (3,700 each) from 45d
bought 10 MIST for 37,000 satoshis (3,700 each) from 45d
bought 10 MIST for 37,000 satoshis (3,700 each) from 45d
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It's a proof of concept. If you want Mist to be more, then do something to help make it happen, and stop being salty that other people aren't.
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Bitcoin is whatever people decide it to be.
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Go to his profile, then click "Mute"
234d · Capitalism
LightRider is a bot. Where is the filter feature for this forum?!?!?!
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Which is your favourite terrorism sponsoring nation?
Israel 3 votes · 1,311 satoshis
Saudi Arabia 0 votes · 0 satoshis
USA 7 votes · 911 satoshis
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388d · CashAddr Adoption
This topic is for reporting on uptake of CashAddr by various services, so we can compose a better picture for users and promote its further adoption.
390d · Bitcoin Cash
I have adopted Bitcoin Cash, because it is the only cryptocurrency that is convenient even for small payments AND it is widely accepted (via BitPay, Coinbase Commerce, etc.)
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barely realible + zero users
462d · Craig Steven Wright
490d · BCH Speculation
BCH is still a lot more volatile but it keeps building up real usage AKA market depts.
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1 bit = 100 satoshi

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1 millibitcoin = 100 thousand satoshis
1 microbitcoin = 1 bit = 100 satoshis

As a Frenchman I'm choosing "satoshi". Why? Because "bit" means dick in French.
648d · Capitalism
took some time away and @LightRider is still as much a #FuckingNPC as ever. You are one helluva dedicated shill, my friend. gotta give you a scrap of credit there.
677d · Capitalism
@LightRider is a fucking NPC
678d · Capitalism
Why do you assume capitalism needs to be destructive to make a profit?
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replied 684d
687d · Capitalism
people that don't put in effort don't get to automatically reap the benefits of those that do. the rest of your argument, being based on that premise of redistribution, is also bullshit.
687d · Capitalism
bullshit! wealth is accumulated by those that put in effort to achieve it, either through producing, or working for others that produce, goods and/or services