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link to chain-split bug or GTFO :)
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When should the next stresstest be?
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So 10/1 Stress Test Cancelled. Everyone back on for 11/5 ? Maximum memeage?
I'm not sure what it is you're asking me
Just my 2sats
I am going to be staying away from the SV client.. I'm beginning to distrust the CSW character more and more by the day with the drama he is initiating and want nothing to do with his project.
@Jeffrey capitalists won because they thrive in competition ;)
What i prefer about this thread is @-ED- calling rich people "capitalists" ahah. Aren't we all capitalists if we live in this society ?
posted · 36 days ago in Capitalism
Only the weak take joy from their opposition leaving the debate room.
posted · 36 days ago in Capitalism
Relying on others will only bring you failure, disappointment and death.
but, since both are Bitcoin, which one is more LIKE Bitcoin? Is it the one where its users don't think it works, or the one where users are making it work? You decide
2/ honest nodes, the honest chain will grow the fastest and outpace any competing chains." this refers to orphans chains. BCH and BTC are separate Bitcoin protocols
1/ "The majority decision is represented by the longest chain, which has the greatest proof-of-work effort invested in it. If a majority of CPU power is controlled by
white paper doesn't define accumulated PoW in the case of a chain split. the white paper references miners competing to extend the same chain, not separate chains.
Definitely will look into compression in long-term. Lots of other priorities short-term though. :)
Yeah, that's exactly why it's hard to compete lol
Thanks for noticing but my ambitiom yielded no results :/ hard to compete with Reddit, even when catering directly to BCH enthusiasts lol
if the miners want to run his code, they will. if they don't, they won't. but the dude did us all a solid by coding ABC and helping facilitate BCH fork, have a little respect.
Meanwhile, Gavin puts out quality tech that improves network scaling without any of the bitching and name calling we hear from other devs.
won't sink*
It's even funnier knowing LightRider started the topic!! HAHAHAHAHA oh man there is no depth to which this guy will sink!!
LOL had to comment just to express the laughter which the title of this post invoked xD
how are profits imaginary?
Creating more problems are fine, as long as you are the one that is called upon to fix it, then you keep yourself in your pristine problem solving position forever.