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662d · Bitcoin Cash
The one true Bitcoin will prevail: BTC
replied 686d
How is it decentralized development if they all fork off to their own incompatible chain?
replied 686d
You know what... You can have him. Crazy someone actively wants to take him in as one of their own haha
replied 686d
No you're right. I've absolutely no idea what csw have contributed to Bitcoin except for a shit ton of talk&promises and of course he's endless patents (very Satoshi like btw)
replied 686d
Well he did have a high enough IQ to trick people to believing he's Satoshi
replied 686d
"Hey guys I've created a new cryptocurrency!""Wow how many uses it!?""Well... No one really but that's what we cool kids like to call: Adoption😎"
replied 686d
Wauw what an argument👍"Beat me in monopoly and I'll follow you to the grave!"
replied 686d
Oh the scaling through fraction off to multiple unused 10TB blocks? Sure there'll be a lot of block space with 10+ Full nodes w 100 GB blocks each that no one uses👍
replied 686d
Is it an argument to highlight that he literally claimed he's Satoshi Motherfucking Nakamoto? He's a manipulative, toxic, all talk no walk, dishonest, unempathetic asshole!
686d · Bitcoin Cash
They're all making the bitcoin core team seem competent AF!
replied 686d
You're kidding right?? The correct path is to follow faketoshi?
686d · Bitcoin Cash
Now that Ryan X Charles is ALSO coming out with his joke node! Either this is a sick insider joke or a path straight down the drain!!!
686d · Bitcoin Cash
Now that Cobra guy also creating a full node. There'll soon be 10 incompatible full nodes and 10 different fractions of BCH with each their own incompetent leader like the fool CSW!
686d · Bitcoin Cash
Jihan and BitcoinABC is an dangerous cocktail as well!! The only reasonable in this whole miss is Bitcoin Unlimited! Neutral and just building! respect!
686d · Bitcoin Cash
If anyone could change the network simply by creating a full node. Why wouldn't Jihan make the block subsidy run at 100 BCH forever?! Dangerous path for BCH if majority goes with CSW!!
686d · Bitcoin Cash
If a bad actor like CSW can alter the complete consensus of a multi billion dollar network, it would be trivial for any major organisation to entirely change BCH for the worse!
686d · Bitcoin Cash
If CSW and Bitcoin SV success and gets a majority of hashpower, it will the clear that BCH is not anti-fragile! Then it's a slippery slope down to miners removing/altering the 21m limit.
686d · Lightning Network
Unpopular belief: I actually like the lightning network and see it as a good invention. It will give on-chain BCH tx's a run for it's money...
"Let’s eliminate the limit. Nothing bad will happen if we do. And if I’m wrong, the bad things would be mild annoyances, not existential risks." -- Gavin Andresen
replied 687d
replied 688d
After Nov 15th it will still be BCH the coin with the cheapest, fastest payments. that's all that matters.
688d · Handcash wallet
Handcash wallet is the best way to make business with BCH, easy to understand for beginners, just sent your handle to your partner and send or receive CASH.
November will tell us if BCH is still a technocracy or it successfully grown to serious project. After satoshi infancy period and BS technocratic rule period, we should finally see the third... miners rule period.
689d keeps getting better every time I visit!
replied 689d
On Memo I found Pixel Wallet,launched a project using Pixel Wallet,using Memo to drop clues for my project on Pixel Wallet...Memo is a good place to make connections.