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Stepping into this thread is like walking into a room of drunk first-semester PoliSci majors
"Capitalists love kiddie fucking" what is this the new Godwin's law? Jesus, this place is worse than Twitter.
"People are dying in those meat packing plants because the state isn't allowing the owners of those plants enough freedom. If only the state would leave them alone, the workplace would improve"
"Total capitalism vs total communism" is a classic form of
I must say that the debate between a fictitious perfectly capitalistic society and totalitarianism isn't convincing whatsoever. I don't need the Internet to tell me I don't want to live under Stalinism.
FWIW I do not subscribe to the false antithesis of capitalism vs socialism, I just like to play sniper in these discussions. Carry on!
Hey kokansei, how do you get to work? Who builds the roads where you live?
TIL of the Shirky Principle
"Institutions will try to preserve the problem to which they are the solution"
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Did Satoshi really believe that Bitcoin would be self-sufficient on fees alone in ~120 years or was he knowingly shifting future inflation decisions to later generations?
yes, he was sincere when he said the system could transition to run on only fees 28 votes · 5,034 satoshis
no, he was passing the buck to future generations 0 votes · 0 satoshis
not sure, this question makes me strangely uncomfortable 1 votes · 600 satoshis

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"Theft" also being defined as the *inappropriate* or *criminal* taking of property; meaning, there can exist cases in which taking someone's property is justified / "not theft"
but it's trivial to demonstrate *situations* in which "theft" of a persons property is the least-immoral option, point being: not black-and-white but shades of gray
@ex·cre·ment re "R there people today .. just to steal their property from?" no, not because of who they are
Bitcoin Cash is Bitcoin: a Peer-to-Peer Cash System
I'm old enough to remember when UBI was considered a libertarian idea. Times have changed indeed.
@kokansei "the economically optimal solution is always the societally optimal solution" is an assumption that may or may not be true
@kokansei there are two different issues, optimality and efficiency
it is also unclear that societal optima = economic optima for 100% of societal / human needs, differentiation may be critical to societal success
belief that all markets are perfect and efficient can get us all into a lot of trouble, this is a naive view of economics
societal suboptima can occur in markets where markets are not efficient
in general the assumptions of efficient markets hold true for most typical products and services
economics assumes certain things about markets when it makes this assertion
economics teaches us that markets will solve problems better than central planning
it's almost as if there's a difference between "totalitarian communism" and "democratic socialism"