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Is it possible to become a billionaire in China without submitting to heavy oversight and ultimate decision making power of the Chinese Communist Party?
no 5 votes · 600 satoshis
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presumes that there is no such thing as market failure / externality / tragedies of commons / etc
Put his handle on here. I will buy him a beer, that will blow his mind.
I view Memo as a nice proof-of-concept, but long form / high volume storage will be better served by other blockchains or solutions long term, and then this tech will fade out. My 2c.
it isn't a question of "right and wrong" it's a question of planning now so that in five years you're still relevant
not all data must be stored on one single blockchain. "just because you can, doesn't mean you should." Why not long form hi def video content? because it'll get priced out one day.
however it also appears to me that a competitor with a more efficient storage mechanism will also make you regret this decision one day, too :)
I respect your right to use the permissionless peer-to-peer electronic cash blockchain as a means to store short messages as well
I certainly respect your right to use the permissionless blockchain but it seems like a competitor with a more efficient storage system might make you regret this decision one day :)
fully onchain or hybrid on/off?
Ever had one of those days when you just wonder how the fuck the people you dealing with ever managed to reach adulthood? It's been a long day.
I just received a call from the local ReMax realty office and they asked me if I was still planning on having the meetup tonight? Using BCH to buy a house would be the ultimate win
This video provides more proof that Core, Blockstream and Lightning are enemies of Bitcoin (also shows that Litecoin is controlled by them as well)
Jess Quit
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· 209 days ago
Stepping into this thread is like walking into a room of drunk first-semester PoliSci majors
"Capitalists love kiddie fucking" what is this the new Godwin's law? Jesus, this place is worse than Twitter.
"People are dying in those meat packing plants because the state isn't allowing the owners of those plants enough freedom. If only the state would leave them alone, the workplace would improve"
"Those fruit companies aren't really capitalist businesses! They' Communist companies! Run by... Socialists!... And NOT CAPITALISTS! Because of the rules that I just made up! Because!"
To be clear, its /u/geekmonk's argument that he is GM, I just copy pasted his post. I AM convinced that whoever it is, is a Blockstream employee.
"Total capitalism vs total communism" is a classic form of
I must say that the debate between a fictitious perfectly capitalistic society and totalitarianism isn't convincing whatsoever. I don't need the Internet to tell me I don't want to live under Stalinism.
I could tell right away from the start about the Core bunch from the way they treated BTC they didn't hold any coins and didn't care about where it's heading.
I'm unconvinced by your argument that he's GM, but I think this would require a high standard of evidence, so I'm likely to be hard to convince regardless.
remind me again how a simple majority of slaves could vote themselves out of slavery