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Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
The newest new post on my memo is now over 2 hours old, I'm wondering what could happen to give it a boost ? Get some new activity going..
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It's amazing how passionate our community is about which scaling plan will work, SV vs abc(big blocks vs big blocks). At least I can thank the heavens we're not arguing about small blocks vs big blocks anymore :D
1297d · memo
Memo plans to follow the procedure outlined by Money Button as best we can - https://blog.moneybutton.com/2018/11/05/how-wallets-exchanges-can-operate-during-the-hash-battle-on-bitcoin-cash/
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AND we’re going to kill all other coins in the system.
1304d · txBlasterCollect
One day this will pay for a 100 million txns test 👍🏽
Sk8eM dUb
replied 1304d
Any excuse to keep you in their ghetto. The rulers don't control Gab so it's automatically forbidden whether or not they did anything wrong.
replied 1309d
BitcoinSV pool has mined 65 blocks (0 orphaned) in 9 days so yes it is being adopted. A lot of hate for a project that wants to restore and liberate (with bigger blocks) Bitcoin.
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
replied 1309d
The neighbors at the last house were a fucking nightmare lol so yeah shouldn't moan. Peace and quiet is worth the short term problems.
1316d · txBlasterCollect
Thank you @DirtWolfPunk for your tip of 666 satoshis. The balance now is 0.45592408 BCH. We are collecting funds for the next stress day!
1316d · txBlasterCollect
Thank you @BitcoinCashHoarder for your tip of 20,000 satoshis. The balance now is 0.45593794 BCH. We are collecting funds for the next stress day!
1318d · stresstestbitcoin.cash
It’s OK, we keep collecting till we get there.
replied 1324d
and it couldn’t be more obvious it was a PR spin to act as if segwit/UASF code was injected into BTC by the “community”, not AXA.
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Tried a rustlers microwave burger for the first time. Will be the last time.

It sounds like a bad idea and it looks like a bad idea and it tasted like a bad idea.
Sk8eM dUb
replied 1326d
Watch this excellent film about the UN's attitude towards it's pawns.
It goes something like "for the greater good, please eat shit and die"
replied 1325d
There's an identy manager linked to from https://www.cashid.info/ and example requests can be found on https://demo.cashid.info/

Badger wallet announced support today as well.
replied 1325d
Unfortunately this is due to an issue in the web server we're using and we currently don't have a way to fix it, so no support for slashes for now.
replied 1325d
We've got plans to improve this. Just takes time to implement and lots of other priorities.
Sk8eM dUb
replied 1328d
1.35% according to this https://bitinfocharts.com/bitcoin%20cash/
Interestingly though, the 100 Largest Transactions in the last 24h: 129,938 BCH ($66,943,421 USD) 55.54% of total txns
1328d · memo
Yesterday 248369-247500=869 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈5.1%