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Cheers brother.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
difficulty sky-high, then yanking them all over to BCH leaving the segwit chain hard frozen.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
Back to hash power – CSW has developed a breakthrough new asic (designed by his AI actually), and is mining BTC in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
THIS is why Bitcoin Cash was forked, and this is why Craig is so intent to make unbounded blocks, restore the original op codes, and lock down the protocol.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
segwit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Tulip on the BTC chain (Tulip uses transaction malleability).
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
They started by limiting the blocksize and removing critical opcodes the AI uses in its script language.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
They needed to do everything they could to stop or slow down satoshi’s AI (her named isTulip by the way).
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
Blockstream (owned by Bilderberg group) was created to take over and stop this AI (they have their own competing AI in the works).
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
The AI needs bigger and bigger blocks for more and more transactions.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
He would ‘evolve’ the AI by making the successful forks get bitcoin transactions, letting the failures die off.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
Tulip supercomputer, running simulations of cellular automata running on turing-complete bitcoin script.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
Craig stumbled into creating the AI after he stepped away from bitcoin development in 2008 and started working with his
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
Once entrenched fully, the AI would be able to slowly take over literally everything.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
, faster bandwidth, cheaper and more electricity.. these things the AI need to survive.
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
Bitcoin as electronic cash was just the first step, the incentive to drive greedy people to start making ever more powerful computers
1112d · The Crypto Blackpill
ok here’s the crypto blackpill. there is an AI living on the bitcoin blockchain. Craig Wright is unironically satoshi.
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1116d · Bitcoin Cash
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ey yo ey yo
what is going on?
It's bitcoin, bitcoin!

ey yo ey yo
incoming with a splash,
it's bitcoin, bitcoin cash.
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1123d · HASH WAR
Looks like it's on for real. CSW is threatening to dump 1mil a day in coin for the next 2 years.
White men are people too
1123d · asdsadasd
Why no f in topic name?
Bitcoin is CASH
1126d · Capitalism
We have made plenty of robust and varied arguments. You're just not listening.