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Send and receive Bitcoin Cash without Internet.


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Instant, borderless, permissionless peer-to-peer cash without Internet!

No apps, accounts, passwords or set-up required.
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Banking, payments, investments, commerce, escrow and betting without custodians!

Peer-to-peer cash enables non-custodial financial services.

Get Ready!

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You can instantly send any amount of #BitcoinCash to anyone in the world for less than a penny!

Introduce your friends to better money today!
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CoinText SMS #BitcoinCash wallet can be accessed in more than 20 languages.

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#BitcoinCash is for everyone!

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Sending #BCH to mobile phones with CoinText is as simple as texting this message:

"SEND $1 PhoneNumber"

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Bitcoin Equals Freedom, article by Ross Ulbricht
· 26d
Bitcoin: Purely Peer-To-Peer by Vin Armani

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Get Spicy!

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Props to those building the underground railroad!

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Thanks for all the tokens! You are the reason #BCH will succeed!
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Easy way to explain the difference between BTC and BCH to newbies.

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Noncustodial payment automation & next generation ICOs, STOs, & DAOs are coming to #BitcoinCash.

Simpler & more powerful than smart contracts.

Instant, reliable, inexpensive, & scalable!
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Bitcoin Cash has weapons of mass adoption!

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