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Send and receive Bitcoin Cash without Internet.


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· 1d
Bitcoin will become a truly valuable commodity when normies don't even know they're using it to process transactions.

· 2d
SLP tokens will make #BitcoinCash the best peer-to-peer cash system.

Many exciting projects in the works!
· 9d
Fast, cheap, reliable, scale-able, private, dynamic, and open for anyone to participate.

· 16d
If you can't buy coffee with it, can it even be called a currency?

· 19d
Financial sovereignty is here if you want it.

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· 20d
Making peer-to-peer cash so simple even a basic Nokia can use it without Internet.

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· 21d
Replace financial custodians with protocols to give individuals control over their own money.
· 25d
A lot of activity happening on #BitcoinCash. Latest update by Roger Ver.

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Working on a secret project to unbank the banked.

Fully non-custodial peer-to-peer money without borders.

As easy to use as any custodial app but with better privacy, security, and sovereignty.
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BCH will be the rails. "New users" won't know or care that Bitcoin Cash powers it.
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"When Bitcoin matures, you won't even know you're using it."

We found a solution built on Bitcoin Cash.

· 35d
Global peer-to-peer cash for EVERYONE!

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I onboarded a number of normies using cointext. great service.
· 44d
Transact Bitcoin Cash on an old feature phone without Internet using CoinText!

· 57d
Instant, borderless, permissionless peer-to-peer cash without Internet!

No apps, accounts, passwords or set-up required.
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Banking, payments, investments, commerce, escrow and betting without custodians!

Peer-to-peer cash enables non-custodial financial services.

Get Ready!

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