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100d · QAnon
My Ass Got Arrested
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This is my new account.
100d · site status
The iOS memo app will always pop up a blank Google recapta page every time I click on a link. Is this intentional? Is there a way to stop it from doing so? Thank you!
198d · capitalism
The Nazis/#fuckingcapitalists are bad at business.
205d · Racism
205d · Space
205d · us politics/trump
205d · us politics/trump
205d · US Politics/Trump
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205d · QAnon
Qtard magats are a pathetic joke.
206d · Capitalism
I don't need to say anything. Everyone is waking up to the fact that the #fuckingcapitalists have ruined the world. Also they're losing their grip. They can't even coup Bolivia, the morons.
260d · QAnon
Qtard magats are dangerous psychos who harm the mission they claim to care about.
271d · us politics/trump
271d · us politics/trump
276d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
279d · US Politics/Trump
283d · Racism
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I sent you a private message on Twitter.
286d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
286d · global warming
Tearing up the environment doesn't mean you've built a wall worth a shit.
286d · global warming
286d · Racism
288d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists run a zombie economy on a zombie currency.