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1225d · QAnon
My Ass Got Arrested
Bitcoin Verde flipstarter completed
Telesfor has won the 0.1 BCH flipstarter lottery (Bitcoin Verde flipstarter).

The lottery was announced and completed in the same day, lol.
Flipstarter rocks.

Come fwd, Tele, gimme an address and I'll send your BCH
Wow, a lot of Anonymous donations in the Bitcoin Verde flipstarter.

Doing the lottery draw now. Eliminating 'btcfork' and my advertisement 'Play the lottery!' means 32 entrants left.

The completion block 673618.
sent · 700,000 sats 1225d
This is my new account.
1225d · site status
The iOS memo app will always pop up a blank Google recapta page every time I click on a link. Is this intentional? Is there a way to stop it from doing so? Thank you!
1226d · Capitalism
1228d · capitalism
Please stop using Venezuela as an example of the failures of socialism. Venezuela is a example of the pain and suffering caused by sanctions imposed on them. Sanctions are anti capitalist.
1233d · Capitalism
1237d · Capitalism
1323d · capitalism
The Nazis/#fuckingcapitalists are bad at business.
1330d · Racism
1330d · Space
1330d · us politics/trump
1330d · us politics/trump
1330d · US Politics/Trump
1330d · JuiceMedia
1330d · QAnon
Qtard magats are a pathetic joke.
1331d · Capitalism
I don't need to say anything. Everyone is waking up to the fact that the #fuckingcapitalists have ruined the world. Also they're losing their grip. They can't even coup Bolivia, the morons.
1386d · BlackLivesMatter
BLM is not violent. I am surprised they have not organized and taken down police stations. They are in their right to start a civil war. Most police are just terrorists who deserve death.
1386d · BlackLivesMatter
BLM is showing a ton of restraint. Those armed fucks showing up to help police should all catch a bullet. I am surprised how peaceful BLm is bring over all this.
1385d · QAnon
Qtard magats are dangerous psychos who harm the mission they claim to care about.
1395d · us politics/trump
1396d · us politics/trump