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· 2h · US Politics/Trump
Usually the fascists start going after supporters who aren't supportive enough. #impeachthemotherfucker
· 6h · US Politics/Trump
People were wrong to trust us before but now it's just blatantly obvious because of Trump's idiocy and greed #impeachthemotherfucker
· 9h · US Politics/Trump
Every Republican/magat who supports this monster is deserving of every insult/injury coming to them. #impeachthemotherfucker
· 9h · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
Children will die due to this monster's idiot actions.
· 10h · Memo
I think I've figured out why token balances sometimes display incorrectly. Should hopefully have a fix out soon
· 12h · US Politics/Trump
Every day he is worse off because of his stupidity greed hate and incompetence. #impeachthemotherfucker
· 18h · Capitalism
We need to kill capitalism before the #fuckingcapitalists kill everyone and everything that they haven't already killed.
· 1d · US Politics/Trump
Elijah Cummings has passed away. He was a good man and a historic figure. He will be remembered as a leader and fighter for a better world. Fuck the Trump magats racists and Nazis today.
· 1d · global warming
· 1d · Bitcoin SV
Nobody but fools and paid shills use #shitversion. The #faketoshi fraudulent fail fork will die soon. The two criminals who mine it will be in jail and go broke soon. It is a dead & dying chain.
· 1d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists have been destroying the world since they started existing.
· 1d · US Politics/Trump
Ukraine clown posse keeps getting arrested.
· 1d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
· 1d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists have been drugging and killing people for decades. Fuck them and their greed.
· 1d · US Politics/Trump
· 1d · US Politics/Trump
· 1d · Capitalism
· 1d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
· 2d
· 2d
VIDEO Roger Ver Debates Nouriel Roubini: Things Get Heated, Turn Ugly, in London
replied · 2d
I stand corrected.
replied · 2d
Hahaha! You can't even produce one link to back up your bullshit claim. And you have the nerve to get mad at someone who questions you. Pathetic.
replied · 2d
So you can't back up your claim. I thought so.
replied · 2d
It was your fucking claim dumbass.
replied · 2d
"Still replying" implies recently. No replies recently other than that one from the listed accounts. Link to one from the last 12 hours if you can. I doubt you can.