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32d · BlackLivesMatter
BLM is not violent. I am surprised they have not organized and taken down police stations. They are in their right to start a civil war. Most police are just terrorists who deserve death.
32d · BlackLivesMatter
BLM is showing a ton of restraint. Those armed fucks showing up to help police should all catch a bullet. I am surprised how peaceful BLm is bring over all this.
30d · QAnon
Qtard magats are dangerous psychos who harm the mission they claim to care about.
41d · us politics/trump
41d · us politics/trump
replied 42d
and the IRS serves a purpose (especially to government) beyond reminding people that there needed to be a war over whether or not non white people should be treated as human.
replied 42d
erasing history would be something like black students in tulsa oklahoma not being taught about the tulsa massacre, a constant reminder of it in the middle of town might be shitty tho
43d · us politics/trump

Guess the braindead "conservatives" have already forgotten that we covered this talking point lol
46d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
49d · US Politics/Trump
replied 55d
Cloudflare is a great service I've been using for a long time, definitely recommend.
replied 55d
It looks like there was too much bot activity going on. I've turned on Cloudflare bot protections to free up resources. Things seem to be snappy again.
53d · Racism
56d · Memo
Memo site has been experiencing some issues the last few hours, sorry for any inconveniences.
56d · Memo
Memo site has been experiencing some issues the last few hours, sorry for any inconveniences.
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I sent you a private message on Twitter.
56d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
56d · global warming
Tearing up the environment doesn't mean you've built a wall worth a shit.
57d · global warming
57d · Racism
58d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists run a zombie economy on a zombie currency.
61d · Racism
61d · coronavirus
61d · JuiceMedia
61d · coronavirus