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1d · BlackLivesMatter
2d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists aren't interested in helping people or solving problems. They only care about themselves.
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not sure if joking or mentally retarded...
2d · Capitalism
There is nothing natural or virtuous about the #fuckingcapitalists. At best they're a virus that is destroying their host.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
Every aspect of our sick and destructive culture must be opposed. If we are going to survive as a species we must not let the #fuckingcapitalists win. They must be exposed and ousted.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
Without the long history of mass protest against the #fuckingcapitalists we would never have made the significant gains in human rights that we enjoy today. We need more protests not less.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
It would be insanity to not want significant and profound change. The protestors are demanding a better world for all people. We should be thankful for their work and efforts.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
I am surprised more Americans have not properly exercised their second amendment right to disband some of these police forces in the worst cities.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
Seattle is the most American city in the USA. They proved it by properly using their rights to form a free zone and remove the police there. That is what American rights were for.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
The police have started the violence and escalated the protests into riots. That said the riots are justified, and are truly American.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
The riots were inevitable with how bad things have gotten in America. The police are not trained to use the military equipment they are given. The protesters are mostly peaceful.
2d · BlackLivesMatter
It is not a left wing ideology for people in authority to be accountable for their actions. The police need to start being held accountable for their crimes, and police unions dismantled.
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White men are people too
Holding authority accountable isn't communism. It is American.
3d · Happy Tau Day
4d · Capitalism
Trump administration hands emergency loans to Kanye West and Church of Scientology as small businesses go bust |

US is socialist, but only for the corrupt and mega-rich
3d · Racism
5d · Tesla
5d · Capitalism
7d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists use their fake money to steal our real wealth.
7d · #911Truth
7d · Capitalism
The #fuckingcapitalists fall apart under the merest scrutiny.
7d · Capitalism
The only thing the #fuckingcapitalists are better at is killing people.
8d · US Politics/Trump
8d · Donald Trump Rapes and Murders Children
8d · Capitalism