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Happy 4th of July everyone here in MEMO
Good morning MEMO and to all.. Its been a week since my last visit here been busy completing my requirements... Wish to got it all
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Unusual Uther
Hope you like #4
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How about this one a little blurred

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In addition on KYC must write your name and date with his or her signature it must be same signature with their valid id..
replied 48d
Its better to make a KYC with selfie holding valid id and date
How do you know if a person is not a robot if they never solve a captcha in front of you?
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Can i post my real photos bro? And its not come from google Lol
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I love kids 😍
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Happy bday to your lil bro.. Hope it help too..
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Hi memo friends, My little brother wants to say hi to all of you. Please help me to get something for his birthday. We love you memo friends.
Why muted?
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Hahaha did you see the MOON 😂😂😂
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Yes friend N
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Dear, Dun call me Madam :((((((... I'm not that old .... We're friends, so just call me N.
Good morning

I found the moon
BCH to the Moon

Thank you for followed back on twitter maam NgocTRanTL
Hahaha what happen Lhilly? Why you open your mouth like that..

Keep buying seeds!
No matter the cost.
Truffula Trees are what everyone needs.
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Maybe some of them are having 2 accts just to get some tips of they notice someone giving sats and suddenly they will come in here in MEMO.. im late on this topic busy on twitter & tg
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You got it right bro..
replied 55d
Unusual Uther
I got a source mate. Most of the people here got an alternate account and use it when you are giving out. You can notice it when an inactive account just get online and join the convo
sent · 1,150,000 sats 54d
I hope this would help..
Thank you Memo, Thank you sir Unusual Uther and to other who gave me sats.. i'm glad i can help others now..
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Thank you for promoting my photograph!