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536d · Linux
Try Pop!_os. Once you do you won't want to go back.
Thanks to everyone who sent me tokens!

Be wary of the Monero community. They will coerce you into getting banned using censorship.
599d · BCH Speculation
In that thread on r/bitcoincash, the reason for the current price decline is explained. Malicious short selling and exchange manipulation is the cause for this general sale across all alts.
599d · BCH Speculation
The REAL reason for the price decline or the anatomy of a shakedown! Exchange price manipulation is behind the recent 'decline' https://tinyurl.com/yxny3vay
600d · Capitalism
Its true, capitalism is on the way out. It is inherently exploitative, racist and prevents natural human and environmental development for profit. It truly is a sinister, cancerous system.
600d · Linux
Pop_os! is a good distro. I don't mind Gnome until I run an application where I need to see its status (offline, online, etc.) then I remember why I don't like it.
The REAL reason for the price decline or the anatomy of a shakedown! Exchange price manipulation is behind the recent 'decline'


In this post, I expose the price rigging that's going on.
623d · Flat Earth
Africans had universities clearly explaining the solar system and the eclipses in the middle ages which is proof that the flat earth theory is nonsense.
623d · Games
0.ad is a pretty good game. Too bad their devs don't accept crypto for payment.
623d · Pricing Coins by Fair value
And CMC ignoring the differences in supply between coins. All of which skew the metrics and allow nefarious actors to manipulate exchange price.
623d · Pricing Coins by Fair value
of coins themselves are spending them. Thus, we get an accurate assessment of the market, free from speculative mirages like Tether, whale moves, alt market being priced in BTC
623d · Pricing Coins by Fair value
based way of pricing our coins. By using transactions, average transaction size, velocity and total discounted supply together they can determine the actual price as the holders
623d · Pricing Coins by Fair value
And Dash $190.65. While monero is wildly overvalued by exchange price. Monero's fair value is only $28.679 vs an exchange price of $73.78. Fair value is an objective, math
623d · Pricing Coins by Fair value
Fair value's site is here https://www.coinfairvalue.com/. You can clearly see good coins like BCH and Dash are undervalued by exchange pricing. BCH is actually worth ~$710.93
623d · Pricing Coins by Fair value
We need to stop using exchanges to price our cryptocurrencies and switch to fair value. That way we can avoid tether and other whaie manipulations. https://tinyurl.com/y3vjdqds
623d · OpenBazaar
Why doesn't openBazaar support Dash?
623d · Cashshuffle
More secure that way.
623d · Cashshuffle
Does anyone also use privateSend+CashShuffle like I do? There are some services that only accept BCH. So I'll usually privateSend some Dash to BCH address and then CashShuffle it from there.
623d · Capitalism
territories. Its why they have an abject hatred of any sort of communal-based living. Because that undermines the LIE that you need to slave away your life for someone else (them).
623d · Capitalism
Capitalism is an inherently exploitative system that isn't really suited for modern economies. In essence, capitalism was created to codify and manage the theft of native resources in colonial
623d · Linux
I love linux honestly. I've been on it for a couple years now and used it off and on for over a decade. But I can't wait until RedoxOs is finished.
Does anyone know what Honktokens are? Also, have the posting limits been raised? I haven't been on for a few months but it seems like the character limits are a bit higher. If so, that's nice.
If you are using crypto-based software, you need to install Linux and leave windows behind. Windows is like a window into all your computer activity, your passwords, keys etc all recorded by MS. Switch to linux today!