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This is what Craig CSW Wright meant when he said "He was going to destroy all other coins!"
In this post, I expose the colossal fraud that coinmarketcap.com and exchanges are perpetuating on the market They're artificially undervaluing all cryptos to manipulate user sentiment
If you are using crypto-based software, you need to install Linux and leave windows behind. Windows is like a window into all your computer activity, your passwords, keys etc all recorded by MS. Switch to linux today!
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This means it was likely manipulation/speculative buying since the theory behind fair value states price and fv should match once all speculation is gone.
According to https://www.coinfairvalue.com you can clearly see from BTC's chart that the run up in late 2017 was FAKE! It was an increase in price but the fair value didn't move.
"It's clear that Tether was the kickstarter to the mania by printing about 2 billion in 2017 on a total market of 1 - 10 billion in the last 10 years."
This cannot be said enough! You seem this with trolls in the dash community! They want us to be 'capitalists' and not give money away for free even though we can! Bad ideas living on..
The #fuckingcapitalists have lied to you about what an economy really is for centuries. Fuck then and their agenda of lies.
variables that are all gathered from on chain data which is the actual economic participants of each chain This is harder to manipulate and fake since these chains are decentralized
person on the chain using it. Instead of one value, exchange price which is an avg and doesn't come from on-chain but off-chain data from exchanges, fair value comes from four diff
Nope. Fair values are hard to manipulate because they are intrinsic to the coin. How can you manipulate the avg tx amt on an entire chain? The total velocity? You'd have to be the only
New honest cash post, please read if you have a moment:
System76 computer. Pop_Os! is pretty nice, but I assume it wouldn't do better than vanilla Ubuntu on a computer it wasn't set up/customized for.
Stop relying on Coin Market Cap, their data is highly misleading!

A recent post I made highlighting how inaccurate CMC is.
Monero community trolls the most from what I've seen. Followed by btc core.
Get a System76 box, they just work.
I just wrote my first post there, https://honest.cash/thethrowaccount21/fair-value-and-bch-1678/, I like it so far. A little unfamiliar with the editing tools, if there are any.
To justify theft of the land of the Americas. By claiming Aboriginal Negros are from Africa, they can pretend to be 'Americans'. And thus gain the land and inherit it. Its paper geno
BCH and Fair Value new Honest.Cash post! Check it out: https://honest.cash/thethrowaccount21/fair-value-and-bch-1678/
Doesn't matter what you call it really. The official story line of transatlantic slave trade etc. is a lie. It was created to support European colonialism Not sure how thats mainstream
It shows you that there were people here tens of thousands of years ago and that they were negros. Which is completely contradictory to mainstream history. There's more links google em