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If you are using crypto-based software, you need to install Linux and leave windows behind. Windows is like a window into all your computer activity, your passwords, keys etc all recorded by MS. Switch to linux today!
New honest cash post, please read if you have a moment:
Stop relying on Coin Market Cap, their data is highly misleading!

A recent post I made highlighting how inaccurate CMC is.
BCH and Fair Value new Honest.Cash post! Check it out: https://honest.cash/thethrowaccount21/fair-value-and-bch-1678/
But even when I try that it doesn't work. It still complains about PyQt5.sip
Ubuntu 18.04 its so strange. I'm running it via wine just fine. Apparently I can just download the executable and run it without installing anything
BCH-SV is only $10 USD...
BCH is still $374 USD
https://www.coinfairvalue.com shows that the fair market value hasn't changed ever since the hash war has begun.
thing and updated my python etc. but it still does not work. Has anyone else experienced this?
I tried to install the latest electron cash wallet but I somehow screwed up my python installation when I updated it. Now it errors saying ModuleNotFoundError: PyQt5.sip. I googled this and did every
*Update, looks like there was a bug in the Monero daily sampling data...
Overnight! The xmr comm. relies on manipulation, lies and innuendo in order to claim to be 'the best'. Even though they have the smallest anon-set of any privacy coin.
It looks like the monero community has finally found a way to game fair value after all! https://www.coinfairvalue.com They went from having a Fair value of $18 to $118
Originally the monero comm. left BCH alone because BCH is against BTC core, and samson mow and fluffy pony. But now that they see that XMR is not liked over there, they're shilling like mad
Observe the monero community shilling the BCH community now! https://tinyurl.com/y8cqsxuj Observe all of my comments are downvoted with no argumentation.
I guess now isn't a good time to sign up...I think I'll wait till after the fork. Why did they want everyone to keep their bch on-exchange?
I posted a challenge to the BCH, Dash and PIVX community! We should be tipping each other like mad for good comments on reddit! Someone said that's how Dogecoin got so big, tipping!
So I was cruising bitrefill.com to top up on a gift card and noticed they don't accept BCH! I usually use it so I can pay for things IRL using Dash, and I wanted to see if they had BCH too.
I was recently banned from r/crypto for the above thread! The second one I posted was also shadow deleted.
I'm glad to help, feel free to comment with any criticism or concerns! The original thread was actually shadow-deleted by the mods :/ it had ~12 upvotes with 1.3k views and 79 comments
Wow ok why is BCH going crazy this morning!?