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That's not true. Africans have way better health outcomes than most of the west. More ppl die of heart disease, stroke and cancer in the US than in ALL OF AFRICA. They're fine.
/usr/bin/python so I changed it to that, but it doesn't like the python3 now...
Wow that's progress! Now it errors saying cant open 'python3' The original line was wrong and I changed it but it looked like this #!/usr/bin/env python3. The which cmd says its
This is incorrect. The pyramids in South America are over 20000 years old. They're so old their bases are covered in forests. The vast majority of technology has been here before.
Africans were learning when Europeans lived in barns my friend. The university of timbuktu in Mali had more than 1 mil Centuries old manuscripts in the 1400s.
The truth is humanity is very old and civilizations come and go because the Earth changes and habitable places do too so people forget where they once were. Simple.
Who do you think is working the farms now? They're white owned, not white worked. Europeans didn't know how to farm and learned how from the natives. They also didn't have seasoning
But even when I try that it doesn't work. It still complains about PyQt5.sip
Ubuntu 18.04 its so strange. I'm running it via wine just fine. Apparently I can just download the executable and run it without installing anything
It says requirement already satisfied and shows the latests version and directory. Shouldn't Electron cash automatically point to the right place? How can I change it?
True. According to research by ASU https://tinyurl.com/ya82k7gs Dash can scale to at least 10MB blocks (btc equiv. 40 MB) right now with no more orphans. Thats 120 tps, 2x paypal
I use Pop_os! 18.04
Gotta good point there. Deindustrialization is a necessity. Its not necessary for humanity to be employed to their detriment making clothes or sth stupid like this.
Sorry, I'm not very familiar with the python ecosystem, this is the first time I've had to do anything with it. Where is the readme file usually located?
When I run that command it says I'm already on the latest version
That's what I was using before, but how do I set the install-qt parameter?
No use crying about it now. There is no white genocide, they are not killing them. They just want their stuff back. They want their country back. They refuse to be second class citizen
This guy is a liar. He is hiding the truth and making like 'oh these guys just happen to be white and getting their land taken'. No. They descend from people who STOLE the land first.
This is a good thing. The land wasn't theirs to begin with. The Dutch/Afrikaneers stole it from blacks. 8% own 70% of the land. In an majority black country. You wouldn't like that
Prove me wrong.
Good idea. I propose the following topic, Dash is better as digital cash than BCH. It has the governance, privacy, instant transactions, self-funding, mass-adoption 4000 stores in Ven.
Both come from the vatican in an attempt to control colonies.
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Hey everyone, greatings to everyone, this is my first day and time on memo. Glad to here