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a bunch of magic cats..

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a bunch of magic cats..
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smells of wizard farts
5am vibes.
Coffee and time with my cat bro seth. anyone here using swashapp? check it out! easy passive.
Merry Catmas Memo!
44d · Fallout
playing dead money atm. the Serra Madre is always a wonderful pain... its easy getting there , the hard part? letting go.
44d · Coffee Thoughts...
my coffee cup has a crack in it like a hairline one.. lame. I really need to go to the dollarstore get a few new cheap mugs soon :3
44d · Coffee Thoughts...
I always wonder if my cat wants coffee he watches me drink it all the time but he is already perky as can be and a bit crazy so yeah no bean juice for meow meow.
44d · Weed
another day another dab , something new called "Lunar Lander" badder. the governments producers are getting better! if only they would lower prices. so turns out bigfoot humping trees makes more trees
50d · Weed
sour cherry thca diamond at a few mins to midnight on the east coast of Canada. watching a bigfoot hump a tree.
50d · Coffee Thoughts...
50d · Coffee Thoughts...
when the coffee smells off apples?! what is happening to coffee...the cheap is getting cheaper and the good is just a bit less good...
did I share about ViCat yet? regardless here meow.
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58d · Weed
dab goblin don't know, dab goblin don't care. dab goblin just dabs
58d · Coffee Thoughts...
breaking a favorite mug after a decade of use :(
58d · Fallout
coffee is god.
that is all.
60d · Weed
My browser must have acquired the *horny loser* cookie. I keep getting adds for 'hot russian ladies looking to date single men in [area]'
61d · Cryptids/Zoology
"Chimera Spider"
watch out for evil garden gnomes...
and have a great day memo cash folk!