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Fuck ABC Cult, They are Smear Artists, Fake-AnCaps, Liars, and closet Statist Progressives. They probably vote Straight Democrat each election.

I'm a based and redpilled Chad who hates Cucks.

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"Luciferase" and Credit Card Chip glued to Gel Nails Videos. If this doesn't come off as weird you're still living under a rock.
Every single time....

This is "Progress" they say. Force GMO foods, Soy Products and social media SJW cuckery on everyone.

Make dudes so fat that even if women stopped being ethots they still wouldn't get a gf.

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Thread on links between globalism/leftism and occultism:
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Corporations, the elitist groups, the Army/Police/Navy all heads of the same Hydra Dragon.
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Learn Gardening, Carpentry, Bush-crafting, repairing tools and forging new stuff. Start by learning to repair basic stuff like a new handle on a hammer ect.
Voting changes nothing. Sad but true. You can't save the world, so focus on bettering yourself and your family.

Spread useful information to help people learn transferable skills to rebuild the world after SHTF.
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Yeah scary dreams when your hands are numb and feel like needles. Happens every time I sleep on my hands.
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One dream was very similar to a real life event. I wasn't in the dream but it was about a group of police using guerilla warfare against the Mafia in the 60s.
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I've had tons of vivid dreams, sometimes I'm a supervillain, superhero or a deranged Vigilante hunting bad guys.

Usually happens when I'd really tired in a deep sleep.
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Can you get false positives with Red Bull and Kiwi Fruit used in these tests? asking for a friend.
I don't care what Crypto Faction you guys roll with, as long as you don't shit on me.

But the shills that copy pasta and target harass people can fuck themselves.
I honestly thought crypto assets would be used as money system but everyone treats it like trading stocks and investments.

Don't say you weren't warned with Fiat turns into monopoly money.
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Also Trump had his goons stop the count which just cost him the election. had the voting been tallied in a single day (without being stopped), voting fraud risk would be lower.
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The whole political establishment GOP and Dems are controlled opposition. Two wings of the same bird. Both need to be replace with new people.
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Trump was a long time Democrat before swapping sides. He funding a civil war in Venezuela and kept the Duyba War on Terror going in middle east.
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Donald Trump turned out to be a plant by the Globalist to subvert the Civic Nationalist movement and make them look like complete morons. Him and his grifter chicks Neo-Conned us.
Americans in 1776 and 2021 meme:
Chud's should bread with PAWGs/Thicc/TradWife/Southern Belles to give birth to Masculine men and future TradWifes.
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Sounds like a cool idea, doesn't cost much to use memo. Problem is wealthy woke cancel culture will force censorship here once it gains massive usage. Then we are back were we started...