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This was real. If I go missing again, please RT on CT. Thank you.
When BSV moves to 2GB Blocksize Limit on 24 July 2019, that will raise their mempool size.
Some likely chickened out because they didn't want a "price on their head" like that space cat.

A wise small fish would fight the Sith Lords when one is defeated, not at their primes
Many big fish take bribes to shill on Twitter, and post their intent on their personal websites. Darth Plagueis got the funds to meet anyone's "sell out your beliefs" price tag.
If someone half as unhinged as Chump with lots of money challenges him, not some unheard of ex-governor from tiny New England state...
Trump decided stab Bitcoin in the back, to make his fat cat buddies happy. Chump's days in office are numbered, just wait until he is ousted in the GOP Primary Election.
Imaginary Username takes a few jabs too. Pretty sure he's serious this time. He is slowly going to bleed the Sith Lords dry with small attacks.

Elon Moist a recently new member of BSV side. Not sure if he's joking, since he clowns around a lot.

(Thread) Looks like I was "Wright", the smaller players are gearing up to fight the Bitcoin Sith Lords via Vulture fighting method. Attack, Stop, Attack, what until one Lord is wounded and peck at him.
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It is a token tipping button!
Is the new star logo a re-memo button?

Bitcoin (Insert Most Versions) is resilient and censorship resistant. Trump and bankers will try to take it down but it will rise up like a palm tree after a big storm.
crypto wolves was 3 minutes long, now expanded into 7 minute article.
Maybe they are cowards without backbones, but Vultures are complete opportunists. They go in slam dunk battles they can't lose.
Many people fight like Vultures and wait until the Lion is dying from combat and then peck at him.
A wise predator doesn't attack a far stronger foe when he's in his prime, if he can avoid it.

Remember that when you suddenly big figures pounce on Bitcoin Sith Lords, and try putting the final nail in BSV's coffin.
Our system is governed by idiots and morally corrupt people.
FireFox now has an option to hide all your DNS lookups via HTTPS. If you use any browser other than Brave or Tor to browse the clearnet, use FireFox and enable this feature NOW!
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MetaNet is a distraction.
Left the bounty price out of this meme template, don't want the mental gymnasts actually trying to rat people out.