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Other comments from same thread. Silverblood is on BCH side:

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I'm so happy to be writing about Bitcoin Cash again. #dailymemo
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Found on Twitter.

· 2d · Crypto Wall of Shame
m_murfy, Craig Shill endorsing nChain enforcing Smart Contract Patents to strong-arm Ethereum. Mocked critics with legal action.
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I reposted a few old articles on

The community is building up and it seems like a better option than using Honest Cash.

Ask on reddit for invite.
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Give it a rest already, all your fellow Sucker Version Bot Account Buddies are on Twetch. You can stop wasting valuable BCH that you could have bought stuff with and wasted your BSV.
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Give it a rest already. All you BSV Bot Account butt-buddies are on Twetch now. You can stop wasting BCH which is a useful coin for buying stuff and waste your Sucker Version Coin.
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If someone wants another PayPal just go make one. Bitcoin isn't a "Better PayPal", many newcomers in the space don't know that yet.
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Should the Bitcoin Cash blockchain should be run as a payment rail by a corporate entity instead of as an open source project?

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No that would defeat the whole point of the Bitcoin movement, and there would be no need for miners.
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Exposing 22ndCenturyCrypto (BSVTard):

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Still supports Bitcoin Stolen Valor (BSV).

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Roger Ver serious needs a wake up call before he falls into the #CultOfCraig.
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Please attack Roger Ver in the comments before he falls for the BSV Bullshit again and keeps shilling Steven Patterson and Magkill.
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· 13d · Earn Bitcoin Cash with your Graphics Card!
Q: How to earn Bitcoin Cash with your GPU?
A: Sell your GPU for Bitcoin Cash.