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Fuck ABC Cult, They are Smear Artists, Fake-AnCaps, Liars, and closet Statist Progressives. They probably vote Straight Democrat each election.

I'm a based and redpilled Chad who hates Cucks.


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Because Democracy is bullshit when megacorp CEOs and billionaires can just handpick the candidates on both major parties.

Who cares who wins the next sElection?
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Everyone on that list is pretty much controlled opposition cosplaying as Conservative heroes while being part of the globohomo swamp.
List of people that the left absolutely hated, until they were anit-Trump, so now are great guys:

George W. Bush
Dick Cheney
Mitt Romney
Mike Pence
QAnon Shaman

Add to it as you see fit.
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24d · bitcoin cash
Bitcoin Cash is undead now that Amaury is gone people are done infighting.
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Snow Retards will starve in upcoming American Great Famine:
Endless Lockdown Tyrannical Bullshit. These Egalitarian Entitled Prick SJW Woke carnage loving psychopathic cretins love to fuck around and find out.

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r/BTC is going anti-SLP? is it something to do with the SLP Devs? Maybe they were too friendly to BCHA or something?
Build Back Better Flags:
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yeah small volume vendors would be better off taking stable coins to hedge against inflation. Hopefully someone keeps the project going under a new fork.
39d · OpenBazaar
Anyone forking OpenBazaar to continue the project without the soon defunct OB1 Team?
Use Telegram
Use VPS/VPN Proxy non-USA
Divest stake in Paper Fiat Money and store gift cards
Stack CryptoCoins
Stack Silver, Gold, and Palladium
Comms Blackout soon in some countries, according to QAnon peeps and a few MAGA dudes.

Anyone lose connection to the internet in the past few days?
63d · OpenBazaar
OpenBazaar Desktop updated to 2.4.11, fixed dispute bug, zcash fork ID, bumped dependency versions.
69d · OpenBazaar
zokos dot com is in process of shutting down, migrate store to different web host or self hosted node.
69d · Boycott List
Boycott NFL/NBA for social justice drama queen shit, people are paying to see game not SJW cucks bitching.
69d · Boycott List
Boycott Google Chrome it doesn't allow plugins not from app store and spies on usage.
82d · US Politics/Trump
Property Taxes are just another name for Home Rentership. You pay it on homes you supposedly paid off..
86d · US Politics/Trump
Alphabet Boys Meme:
Social Status Meme:
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Also NVMe PCIe stick based SSD are the fastest on the market. Gigabits per second transfer speed, even faster than those mSATA models
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Some 2.5" SSD's can be at-least 3 times faster. Large Capacity newer models are faster.
109d · Computer Hardware
pick an SSD over HDD since it's much faster read write time.
113d · us politics/trump
Limousine Liberal Pepe the Frog Meme: