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So I thought we might all play a game of tag.
I'll create a tag token. It is cursed, tainted, disgusting and not to be held if you can help it. Burn it, and you are IT forever.
sent · 1,000 sats 647d
Think I mistakenly burned a celtics token. Made a paper wallet at Sent some tokens there and back. Celtics one went as well (no idea why). Didn't come back when I swept it
sent · 1,000 sats 696d
Any plans to add SLP token support to I think it would be a great thing to tip people tokens that way. No idea how technically challenging it would be though.
702d · GeoCaching
My first real life test. I left some QR codes pointing to a special Gmail address. That's set up to auto-respond with some more info about how to get GEO. We'll see if anything comes of it.
717d · GeoCaching
717d · GeoCaching
If anyone has any ideas how to automate the system so that anyone who finds a cache can request one and only one token per person per cache, let me know. In the meantime I'll do it manually.
717d · GeoCaching
So I've created a new token to give away in Geocaches. I want to spread awareness of both Geocaching as a fun activity and cryptocurrencies.
717d · GeoCaching
Just establishing the topic for later posts.
1231d · BCH Czech Republic
První verze už funguje. Dole je linka na českou verzi.
1234d · 10k Satoshi for Follow me
1241d · BCH Czech Republic
1241d · BCH Czech Republic
Nejprve budeme potřebovat překlad
1241d · BCH Czech Republic
Téma pro české uživatele Memo a BCH.
1262d · Bitcoin Faucet
So is this thing still working?
1264d · Counting
1280d needs a link shortening service.
So Spend and Replace (plus a bit extra) to support BCH and make it grow!
Spend and replace = 3 trades. Buy, Spend, Replace.
All further accrual of value is based on other people's trades/investments.
When you hodl, you make one trade.
So more trade means more value.
Using a currency means trading it for things.
A currency only has value if it can be used.