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6d · Great Reset

This Halloween could be interesting in Australia:
Be sure to prepare lots of popcorn, nachos, and beverages.
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In 2019, how many CEOs of major companies walked out without saying a word as to why?
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I want to thank David Martin for his leadership and integrity as well as maturity to step up against the evil giants in industry who are repeat offenders of felony crimes and only stopped by the integrity of the few
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因 有 一 婴 孩 为 我 们 而 生 ; 有 一 子 赐 给 我 们 。 政 权 必 担 在 他 的 肩 头 上 ; 他 名 称 为 奇 妙 策 士 、 全 能 的 神 、 永 在 的 父 、 和 平 的 君 。
912d · 每日聖經金句
耶和華在他面前宣告說:耶和華,耶和華,是有憐憫有恩典的神,不輕易發怒,並有豐盛的慈愛和誠實 【出埃及記34:6】
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Dear Lord please heal the innocent who were wrongfully tricked into getting the COVID jab.
I agree with James here, the NY Times needs to be contacting Project Veritas about the Pfizer leaks. For them not to shows their unethical affiliation.
I agree with James here, the NY Times needs to be contacting Project Veritas about the Pfizer leaks. For them not to shows their unethical affiliation.
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On a similar note we've never had a real economy since the definition of economic is the efficient use of resources
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Additional information: no system before was real communism. In real communism, there are no survivors.
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God forbid we do anything so much a threat to National security as plan to survive our government's insecurities threatening us.
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Oh. So then... the government legitimately took the stance of seeing the survival of the people as a threat.
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Prepper groups are organized survival clubs, who prepare for natural or economic disasters. They discussing ideas, trading equipment, trying and reviewing items, sharing experience.
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Please forgive my ignorance to the ways of your people, I do not know much of other cultures
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Thank you for sharing. Im curious and now I have to ask, what is a prepper group?
replied 19d something as the elections are coming, they wanted to round up all the preppers, by the way prepping groups are not illegal in hungary.
17d · Great Reset
American "Cultural Revolution 2.0"
by Xi Van Fleet
This cross-correlation maps current agendas 1:1
Self-defense must be relentlessly immediate
My birthday wish to YouTube over their community guidelines
Now we know why JPMorgan has been buying so much crypto recently.
Next month USA is probably going to have its first federal credit default....ever.

HODL your crypto tight..things are going to take off real quick.
22d · Censorship
apparenty bitchute hosed their database,
Videos still exist but can no longer be found.
glitch, hopefully
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NY Times, White House to Cut Funding for Risky Biological Study
Oct. 17, 2014.
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"Live Q&A: Wuhan Scientists Planned to Release
Coronaviruses; NIH Accused of Financing Research".
Crossroads with JOSHUA PHILIPP