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listed 1,000 GTU for 1,000,000 satoshis (1,000 each) SOLD 419d

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Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
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mode for tonight


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Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
Good morning
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Bog and Swamp Themes from Vectorman 2 (PsyChill mix by Roman Krasnoholovets) - Jon Holland
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I will wait for this movie this 2022.
My all time favorite
Super Mario Bros:the movie 2022

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sure sir. thank you so much
Dr. Uther 1MBFpC
If you want tips, you have too post stuff, please do not ask me for funds, and you can't post stuff from imgur because I can not see images from there because they are communists that censor people.
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Happy new year!
need some help for food of my kids
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please help me too sir for food. my kids are struggling and starving.
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Merry Christmas sir. Hope to have some Christmas eve meal. to share with my two kids
Christmas is coming.
It is the wonderful time of the year.
Wish pandemic will stop and everything will be back to normal lives.
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just simple food for christmas that we can share. 1kilo of spaghetti my kids will rejoice.
What do you want for Christmas?
Good Morning