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BitcoinSV is Bitcoin. Digital sound money for the entire world.


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CoinGeek Scaling Conference Toronto 2019 Part 1 (with fixed audio!)

Also cut out the breaks so you can just watch, enjoy & share this incredible recording !

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Is there benefit if someone creates a blog post of a human-readable breakdown of unwriter's tools from the beginning of the year and their practical uses?
Yes 5 votes · 11,000 satoshis
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who is easier to trace on bitcoin?
- 10 politicians by 10 million people
- 10M people by 10 politicians
One is easy to trace, the other impossible
Bitcoin is designed to make governments transparent and people private
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BitcoinSV is Bitcoin. Digital sound money for the entire world.
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BSV added almost zero extra code and didn't change any of the underlying fundamentals. I don't see how SV is "the fork of". Without fundamentals, branding is irrelevant.
The Fivebucks BSV transition is complete.

- 0-conf payments are much faster (thanks to MB)
- All user balances were converted to BSV
- Withdrawals are active
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In the case that Memo only supports one chain, which chain do you prefer?
BCH 59 votes · 12,352 satoshis
BSV 44 votes · 14,121 satoshis


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What I got from the stresstest was that the only bottleneck was the accept-to-mempool limit. Graphene can be done in private so this is fine too (not a protocol change).
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The world is in dire need of Bitcoin Cash, it just doesn't know it yet.
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What if BCH split not to avoid a war but to retreat and come back stronger to kill BTC ?? This is the theory we discuss at https://www.reddit.com/r/btc/comments/9ebsoo/to_all_those_who_think_the_split_was_unavoidable/
To all those who think the split was unavoidable and that it was a good thing for BTC, I encourage you to consider this theory. read on Yours.org : https://goo.gl/LZpgnr
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A Smart Contract Engine For Bitcoin by Clemens Ley
Read: In real life cash is not "totally anonymous" but private, fungible and it can be pseudonymous.
r/btc is under a social attack with the goal to divise us into several mutually-destructing factions. https://redd.it/99xayc/
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Now is your chance to surprise one the first food stores to accept BCH directly for food in Venezuela with some "special support". Because it feels wonderful when out of nowhere a tip comes! https://redd.it/97xtcv/
eatBCH was able to convince a local food store to sell them goods for Bitcoin Cash. A step closer to a closed looped economy out of fiat!
Bitcoin Cash is working as P2P cash at any price.
Roger Ver interview by Naomi Brockwell : Why bitcoin is the greatest tool for liberty (part 2 will be on Bitcoin Cash)
designing good incentive systems is the ultimate form of intelligence