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flat earth is unstoppable.
if not.. tell me. were the curvature is at?
earth is flat. that is a fact
that is just funny, please research a little more before automatically answer...
Tycho Brahe (b. 1546) astronomer who contended for the geocentric model. He observed that if we were moving around the sun, we'd see stars separate as we advance & come together as we retreat.
There is nothing in space. There are no satellites. If you want to know what transfers all data, phone, television, and radio through the air, it's land-based towers. Towers have been doing this for almost 100 years.
If the Earth isn't flat, then why does all the real evidence indicate a motionless Flat Earth while all the fake NASA CGI/Photoshop evidence show a globe?
If Flat Earth was not True, Nobody would be interested in debunking it. But the people who are interested in proving it wrong are intense. This should tell you something.
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If you think Facebook started out as a college project, and not by the government as a means of mass surveillance and control of the population, then you might want to do a bit more research. Another great article by Stacey. If you want to learn why satellites are hoax and that land-based towers deliver all our air signals, then you should read this article.
Dinosaurs are fun when they are in a movie or a cartoon, but grown adults need to realise that they are fake and just for entertainment.
John McAfee miami
Hollywood is just another branch of the propaganda machine. They like the globe a lot because they love to LIE. A lot of movies start with a globe spinning. Just a little subconscious programming for your mind.
Nasa is a branch of the united states military. nasa, just like all governments should not be trusted to tell the truth. In fact, the government can & does lies to the world. It's not a matter of maybe, they lie.
Although teachers partake in the indoctrination that goes on in all schools, it's not teachers fault that they teach lies and fantasy to their students - they were brainwashed with indoctrination too.
Fun fact: Once a person figures out reality that we live on a flat & stationary earth, they never go back to being gullible and non-thinking ever again. Once you go flat, you never go back...
video deleted from INFO WARS channel on YT