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I recently switched to a vegan diet (not very strict, at least not yet) after listening to this:
I mean, what makes them socialist? I am fine with colloquial use of terms, I just want more information
Could you clarify/point to data on ABC's socialist changes?
But I do not think this automatically means "the system is broken". All other things I know of (except stuff like mathematical truths, whether discovered or not) also have a shelf life.
Maybe this is the basis of the quote "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
On a smaller scale that is. But total elimination of corruption seems impossible, and the pressures toward corruption seems to go on until something breaks. Seems to me it needs much maintenance
Still, the question is whether this is enough. Any state with credible defense for example, will have to interface a lot with companies, and there could be the same corruption there.
Since this makes the state part of the problem, one suggestion is to make a smaller state which is not supposed to meddle so much in people's business, and therefore cannot do so much harm
of the big players is changing laws and bribing politicians and so on in their favor. This is "foul play", but to me this is more about corruption than economic system.
However, the small players have their advantages too, like faster response to changes in the market, an supposedly more innovation. What we usually see though is that one favored tool ...
(Picking an issue from a bit above) The issue with "free markets" being messed up by the big players is a real one. The big players have some tools that the small players cannot use.
Sorry, wrong video. This should be it:
What if this
just means that James Randi has stronger psychic powers than Uri Geller and stops him? A-HA! Bet you didn't see that one coming
I dunno, seems difficult to keep a light atmosphere here. Like, if I say "I was just kidding", was that sarcastic or not?
Hey, was that a sarcastic like? I am confused now. :)
I really know how to make friends, don't I
And it is not the only hole in that system. I find it crazy that it is still respected at all with so many holes. I sometimes wonder if Marx believed in it himself.
Indeed, that idea of Marx totally disregards win-win. Often someone has an idea to improve the world with a product, but need some workers to make it work. Those workers need income.
Oh my. If we keep giving free stuff to beggars, will there be more beggars? Whole sites like yours.org are now drowned by beggars
Miners finally comply. "Headlines from the Future" removed from the blockchain for being antisemittic
These are some real nice attempts at being sarcastic
Agreed. Schneier knows amazingly much about security, but now and then he says something that I cannot accept at all, and this is one of those things. Government will use this power against us
And hopefully with it the previously mentioned cancer that also tries to misrepresent sensible right for white supremacy.
They say arrogancy/pride comes before a fall. I hope he takes his fall with grace.
For the record, this is not about whether I "like" someone, it is about whether I should accept someone's attitude that they are my unfailing teacher and I am barely deserving to be taught.