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Terminated | Black Pigeon Speaks Interview - Sargon of Akkad
Bully? Certainly. Obnoxious? Sometimes. Then he is misrepresented a lot, and as a president it is hard not to say stupid things once in a while, at least with Trump's loose mouth
It is OK if you don't have the coherent argument I was asking for, just making sure. I however tend to suspect that there is no such argument, that Trump is not particularly racist
Are you planning to do your coherent argument later? I'm not reading 30 pages of text that I don't know is even relevant because someone was too lazy to put forward a clear case
So my question is, are there anyone out there who has a coherent argument for in favor of the claim that Trump is (specifically) a racist?
Seems this has mostly been used as trolling playground for a while, but I'll try this anyway. I recently watched this:
"Highest impact" in what form and for whom? A tribe in Amazonas might not even notice. Also, i.e. "nukes to everyone" might destroy our world, maybe better to ask for "best impact"?
An evil manipulator (you do know those exist?) could find this kind of thing a useful tool as it can be hidden in plain sight, labeling anyone who points to them a crazy conspiracy theorist
Indeed harsh. I think it is natural to always think that some people probably are worse off than you are. Some end up in the slum, and then get taken advantage of. Some have families to worry about
So, you post at the same time to "homeless people" and "trash", so that the two topics come beside each other in topics list, "connecting" the two. Is this an intended consequence?
Thank you very much for explaining my joke, cause I didn't get it.
Also, I suppose the "correct" way to do this would be some blockchain code which automatically forwarded the winning sum to the correct wallet.
and all the numbers are xor'ed with each other. You can't rig that if even one number is out of your control. But I dunno, each participant would have to pay for minimum 2 transactions
Just a half baked idea: Suppose you have 2^n tickets, to receive a ticket one would provide an encrypted n bit number, and after last ticket is bought decryption keys are provided...
Whom told you that?
You pay for the "like" transaction obviously, but remember the rest of the "payment" goes back to your wallet.
Then there is "what to do with the mind": Some use music, some focus on a word, some just "try to quiet the mind" ... There really is too much variation to mention here
Hm, you have yoga, qigong, transcendental ... Some systems you just sit normally on a chair, some forms of yoga you have very weird positions, some you stand, in taichi you move around
The BTC-BCH split happened because of what BCH community sees as hostile takeover of BTC (see https://tinyurl.com/y5ultpbw). Therefore, they are supposed to go in different directions
The word "meditation" is ill defined, which means there are disagreements of what is or isn't meditation. And even if it was not, there are a lot of different methods indeed.
Sure, why not.
I dunno, where is the info about this coin?
I like Miso
First it was immutably written to the blockchain. Then it was removed immutably from the blockchain. But then he clicked the "back" button on his browser a couple thousand times, fixing it
I see a similar problem as the "gardening topic" issue above. Someone just posted under "HELP ME" topic. I can see this post under "Posts", but I when I show all topics, the topic is not shown