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I like terminal prompts.


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It is to make it easy to run Bitcoin ABC, one of the full node implementations for Bitcoin Cash.

zquestz is helping to package the ABC client to make it more convenient for others.
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Hacker tries to extort Binance, thousands of KYC images leaked, everything you need to know!
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I'll try to report back. Nothing crazy, just going to try browsing their articles for a few weeks.
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I believe there is no other community like BCH, so I just joined a bunch of cryptocurrency subreddits to test my hypothesis. Let's see what I discover. #dailymemo
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My spidey sense is telling me the BCH community is starting to take things a little more seriously. It's definitely going to be an uphill climb, but people seem determined to get to the top. #dailymemo
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The CashShuffle website has been updated with a new informational video on the homepage! Check out https://cashshuffle.com and click "Learn More" to check it out!
#BCH #CashShuffle #BitcoinCash
Battling Bitcoin-Skeptic Peter Schiff
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No. There's a faucet to get started and exchanges – otherwise it's an appreciation token and should be given to bring attention to entertaining, informative and useful messages
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