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I like terminal prompts.


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Recent interview I did with shitcoin.com about Bitcoin Cash privacy. Covers CashShuffle and Neutrino. Let me know what you think!

Seldom do I see a new product that can enable those who can't read or write to interact with today's fast moving world. Well done Google.

BCH DEVCON starts tomorrow in SF! Looking forward to seeing all the hackers, and can't wait to see what awesome projects you come up with! Best of luck to all the participants! #BCH #hackathon

LL Cool J - Fresh from the Smithsonian in DC. Wasn't expecting to see this, but thought it was epic.

Dom Pedro Aquamarine - Pedra Azul, Mimas Gerais, Brazil

Whitney Flame Topaz - Ouro Preto, Brazil - 48.86 carats. Saw this at the Smithsonian in Washington DC. If people are interested, I have tons of other stone photos!

Every day, eatBCH South Sudan is making a difference and feeding those who really need our help. I encourage people to support the initiative and help those in need. For more information check out http://eatbchss.org.
Got bored tonight, so decided to write a simple HandCash library in Go. Hopefully someone finds it useful. https://github.com/zquestz/handcash-go
Just got introduced to Foamy the Squirrel. How have I not found this before?!?

So twitter has decided to shadowban my account. Sad to say the least. Been on there for many years and now I need to find a new platform to post on. Luckily there is memo.cash. Cheers to the future!
Just finished adding LetsEncrypt support to the CashShuffle server. New binaries are available at https://github.com/cashshuffle/cashshuffle/releases/tag/v0.2.0 #BCH #CashShuffle #LetsEncrypt
Terminal web browsing reinvented. https://www.brow.sh/ #terminal #web
Let Bread Wallet (BRD) know that they need to fix BIP-70 support for BCH! We need new users to enjoy the benefits of all the BitPay merchants! https://github.com/breadwallet/breadwallet-android/issues/60
An interview I had with Ryan X. Charles about Bitcoin.
The devil penguin is back. Thanks for adding avatar support! However, it would be nice if you didn't restrict it to imgur.
The new UI is excellent. Great work Memo team!
Want to help the South Sudan community? @eatBCH_SS has just started up to help feed those in need. For more information check out https://twitter.com/eatBCH_SS
BCH network upgrade tomorrow. Upgrade your nodes if you haven't!
Wow, memo faucet? Great onboarding!
Latest features in Memo are really well done. Amazing progress!
My blockpress account -> https://emlink.me/57
I will speaking at Libertopia on Sunday in San Diego! https://emlink.me/4y
Question. What should I do with the domain greyh.at? Any ideas?