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I like terminal prompts.


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5h · test
It's real simple, you get the Vitamin D from the Sun, and I promise not too flip out lol.
The higher the price of BTC, the higher the transaction fees, the greater drive to BCH. Institutions getting in is just free advertising for P2P cash for the world.
1d · Linux
Experiment with the block size when using dd. A well-chosen block size will significantly improve copy speeds and save you time, especially if you have a batch of disks to work with. #MondayMemo
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The number of active users has risen sharply this year. It is noticeable that this year many more new users have joined than in previous years.

19h · memo
Yesterday, there were
19526 txs on BCH chain, 239047 txs on BTC. BCH dominance=BCH/BTC=8.2%
1104625-1103523=1102 memo txs, 📉29.6% (compared w/ prev 1565), account for 5.6% of all BCH tx
BCHD 0.17.0 is now available and ready for the Nov 15th upgrade! SLP support should be arriving in 0.17.1 soon! https://bchd.cash https://github.com/gcash/bchd/releases/tag/v0.17.0
This week I bought things and got paid with cryptocurrency, educated people on decentralized tech, used Linux and a VPN, and both published and consumed uncensorable content. You don't need to vote to advance freedom.
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member.cash Flipstarter Report
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Member can process about 100 actions per second into its database at present.
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$10 really?
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This is awesome. Great way to reward people for posting good content! Plus now I have a little extra BCH for tips!
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This is amazing!! member just got sexier 🤩
After a long time in stealth mode, announcing https://grpc.cash, an easy to remember place for all your grpc bch needs. If you prefer to eat your eggs in the blefuscu way rather than the lilliput mode, more to come.
New member updates are looking awesome. Finally have profile icons! The site keeps getting better every day! Great work FreeTrade and team!
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Just watched it. I really enjoyed it!

This is the kind of vision which brought me to Bitcoin Cash.
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Well done.
Your messages were quite clear and well received.
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I loved it! You were particularly passionate about big blocks and scaling and I really liked the authenticity you brought to it - starts here -

49d · codemonkeys
Some bugs take 5 minutes to fix. Some aren't fixed after 5 days. It's not always entirely obvious which bugs are going to be which either.
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For Memo users, starts at 32:05