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Always keep faith on him 😊🙏🙏

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Who wrote the longest two word sentence? The person with the highest votes will receive the prize money of 500,000 Satoshis
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Mr. Swift 1 votes · 10,000 satoshis
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Just take care of your self my friend
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Sorry to hear that 😢
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Wow sexy
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Which do you prefer the least???
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Merry Christmas And Happy New Year, hoping its not too late,🙏 This is my favorite i received in 2020,☺️
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Thank you for your suggestion my friend😊
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Thank you for your suggestion my friend😊
The virus seems too be subsiding in my location.
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Im here again asking for any help from you sir, this is own fridge now😢 im only making ice to sell ,
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And can't wet with rain.😊
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At the waiting shed. Best place i guess to put BCH Stickers can get attention of the poeple passes by.

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Here my bitcoincash sticker , sticked on my door.

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Do you think Corona Virus could make old people fall over on accident?
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BitcoinCash Sticker here's mine.😊😊
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Get well soon baby, 🤗🤗
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My daughter is sick hope you send me some help we are in the hospital
Iam not fake iam real person
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Sad i didn't get a star, how can i prove to you that i'm real account.? But i posted my real pictures together with my husbands chicken.