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Idea for a token that would be given to people for being altruistic but looking for games/websites/other tokens that would be interested in accepting this token...
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You can now link your Twitter account in settings and automatically post Memos. Thanks @JettScythe for pushing for this, it's now a native feature :)
Being a person of value involves learning from mistakes and making the most of your station in life. Use your failures to guide you toward success. #MondayMemo
Cats also love Bitcoin Cash
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Been awhile and I'm not good. Checkers are more my speed lol ;)
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Interviewed a super interesting Serbian developer today. So incredible to hear how excited people from all over the world get about using Bitcoin as cash. #dailymemo
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Most of them are from Taiwan. I took the members of my Chinese cryptocurrency forum.
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isnt that part of the nice thing about memo? all your actions (including your network) are on-chain? (assuming you have your keys) you can switch to now, right?

This BCH Game looks so kool
Looks like it's that time of year again when people argue about colors.
The "elephant in the room" issue with SLP tokens.
This problem needs to be solved, not 'handwaviumed'.
The name +could+ integrate some part of the original txid, or ?
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I think this is a reasonable change, puts that additional critical information into the user's hands that lets them take the appropriate action. It is a delicate balance with UX
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Deciding what is real vs fake is all subjective. Really no good way to implement this way without a human making decisions or sometimes unfair algorithm (like a first seen rule for ex)