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Ross Ulbrich's AMAZING mom Lyn comes to the Free State Project's PorcFest every year. She read a letter from Ross to us Free-Staters. So help me God, one day we will welcome Ross *HOME*
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My first ever cash to my ABRA wallet from all the the tips I gained here on Engraving this moment on the blockchain. Thank you everyone for being generous in tipping my posts here.
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Token balances are now visible on profile and account pages
good evening memo world, thanks to everyone who has visiting me and tipping me here. appreciate it a lot , BCH 💚 would be better if the latest source code was publicly available

Win a 🍺

For a chance to win 1 of the most sought after limited edition (only 1000 minted) best SLP token ever created, pick a number between 1 and a 100.

Will use a random num gen in 24 hours, good luck :-)
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I must share what I have observed
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Badger, crescent and monarch
I've promised garbage, but i'll have to let you down with this mountain of bread i baked instead.
Got docked 5 pts on my credit score today. No late payments, UR was low, but for some reason it said 10% even tho i paid off everything asap No inquiries. Wouldn't tell me why. These megacorps dont deserve their power
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Earlier today: my first time using cryptocurrency for a wedding gift. Hopefully, of many!

Just dug up our first potatoes. A proud moment for novice gardeners :-)
To extend the useful lifespan of your computer, consider installing a lightweight Linux distribution. If you still need Windows occasionally, make a dual-boot setup. #MondayMemo
#BitcoinCash works today.

Infect your peers with the virus of p2p money. ^_^
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Token exchange now supports instant buys!
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still broken :(
I'd like to invite everyone to give the redesign a try at

Please let me know of any issues you run into. This is an un-optimized, read-only, beta and wont work correctly!
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Mostly looking for basic UX/UI advice / direction.

Will slowly roll out more features in the near future.

just found out that I'm a millionaire in satoshi's
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Not while humans were alive lol