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RIP Uncle Hans (death by Coronavirus)
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Here is an old potential proposed protocol for encrypted chat on-chain -
Unusual Uther
I am very bored. I hate being bored, it is the worst.
Ah for fuck sake, bring on summer, it's non stop wind and rain here. Storms last weekend, storms this weekend, fuck off !!!!!
49d · Capitalism
It's crazy to think people blame capitalism for starvation. Socialism so often leads to deaths from starvation. You can't blame capitalism for poverty. Especially when the poverty is elsewhere.
Unusual Uther
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Unusual Uther
Everyone needs to have food, water, shelter, friends, and people that they love.
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one of my last collection ... and now, they went away... I was joined in the 1st team in VN that collected Nokia 8800 series golden time[img]
Girls like to collect lip sticks, perfumes... I luv this Nokia Series... My last 3 in the collections

Gabriel A.
Good morning to all that beautiful people waking up!! and good night to all the beautiful people going to sleep.

Me as a college student I gotta keep studying!! LETS GOOO!!!
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Dr. Li Wenliang, the whistleblowing doctor who first tried to raise the alarm about the Coronavirus, was attacked by the Chinese regime, and died
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no you assume I missinterpret it. A city on lock down is a city on lock down. I know they aren't all sick lol. The economy in those quarantines has come to a standstill
Let's all get back together like the beginning of Bitcoin and few others first surfaced the earth. Stop bashing each other. Allow your digital asset and others combine into one to form one loud voice again.
Oh yeah.... I got married yesterday btw lol
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Vaccines can prevent disease, but they’re not cool-proof. As such, I suggest this as a happy medium; send a sample of the medicine to an independent lab:chemist of you’re choosing
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Cool. If you make alternative CSS, I'll be happy to include it as an option in the main Member project.

The recommended way to do this is to apply changes after base.css has been
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Replying from your memberapp.
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they can earn. Is that enough?

blessed sunday😊😊
BCH/BTC comparison last year

Market cap growth: 230%
Volume growth: 1330%

Market cap growth: 180%
Volume growth: 590%
I think I have just entered some 'smoked' trans-dimensional time warp.
Something really crazy is going down @ archaim asylum.