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replied · 8d
Okay - you could use Filezilla for Linux then (you don't need the testnet3 folder unless you want to use the Bitcoin Cash test network)
replied · 8d
OK thanks
replied · 8d
The first, where I can see stuff. :)
replied · 8d
I recently made a snapshot of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain available via FTP (need a program like Filezilla if you're on Windows)

user: f0112171
pass: bitcoincash
replied · 8d
I'm on Linux.
· 9d
I've been inspired by Unusual Uther. Going forward I'm going to up my tipping game on memo. Going to try to tip at least ten cents a tip, or roughly 35,000 sats at today's prices. #dailymemo
replied · 8d
This is turning into a poker.
Bid, double, bid, double, fold, next round.
· 9d
Sorry for the typos
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no prolbem
· 9d

What the man (Vidteks) behind the curtain sees
replied · 8d
I like googly eyes on daz petz :))))))
Gavid: I suppose proper filtering of trolls combined with zero filtering of non-trolls is an impossibility. One mans troll can be another mans non-troll and so on. Really hard problem
· 9d
Currently, #Ebola is flirting with the common cold.

replied · 8d
What happened with Influenza? They broke up?
replied · 8d
I am perfectly ok with trolls, they maintain 75% of my inspiration for fiction writing. So to conclude, with a good combination of hand picked trolls I could make a living of it.
· 9d
Beware of
replied · 8d
Bitcoin cash wallet Unlimited stuck on 5 yrs smth weeks, is there any reason to this ( block source not available, 16 connections to chain ) So, uh ?????
Harrowing Saw ( The Fourth Ghost) - Into the Raven Part 3 - Fiction

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These "they", I would call them individuals, not an integral part of capitalism. Capitalism is a system, not a group of people. Such individuals would exploit you in any system
Steem blockchain experiencing issues ... #memocash time to take over?

Also, my BCH wallet at 5 yrs and still filling up. Gonna watch a movie or smth.
Buy some Tesla stock now while the FUD keeps its price down.
replied · 13d
Sure, I will look into that. Good suggestion.