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replied · 2d
Urban legends ( Part 2)

Urban legends - The Myths among us ( Part 1)

replied · 7d
Intercontinental flights with soft landing. 🤔
Sounds fun for a start. Sign me on.
Now wherez dat diving suit...
replied · 7d
Press-> pressure.
Mobile auto correct knows something. 😂
replied · 7d
99% yellow pressure comment section.
1% for ones who are genuinely amused. 🤣
replied · 7d
Lol 😂

replied · 7d
Lol 😂

replied · 7d
I have no idea what you mean. Im saying what it is. Also been on Steemit from 2016.
replied · 7d
I have been there for a few months now, posts are featured based on popularity.
replied · 7d
The word is spreading, this way or another.
replied · 9d
Haha, thanks, I know this, but personally I do not even like the chocolate. Kid is curious, so she has to have it her own way. 😋
Time to feed the beast.
Also, eternal gratefulness both to plants and animals who suffer and die for us.
Piled some serious 🛒 in a backpack & shopping bag 🚂, carrying it like air (amazing!), 😍 still with being all that mighty I get failed by own boots 👢👢. Oh well... 🤣

When in vitamin section acting like you are know it all but I fact playing mental dice ...

Good as any, plus can't harm more than the rest I eat.

A sponge is attached to a soap, it's grape scented and really nice. Could be cheaper but hey...

My kid says they are great. I don't know. For me every chocolate taste the same. Didn't want to try.

replied · 9d
OK, this is going to be hard, how about from an each a few.
replied · 10d
Change in settings, they will load . I was thinking to have an img upload to decent. img host inside of a page. Imgur is ok, but we have to exit, upload there & then paste link here.
replied · 10d
Hmm, maybe one in-page decent. image host?
replied · 10d
Wait till the oil lamp burns the last drop...
replied · 10d
Regardless, if it is glorious and if it is God for him, he would treat it glorious and godly, not like the last thing on the bucket list. Big words call for the correct measure.