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It does not accept previews of gallery, just pure img link
How am I? A few days ago after 4th attempt 2look cool as F, I wind up curb-balling into a concussion, now I'm regenerating w/ onion chips, chocolate tea &playing Splinterlands w/ blazin headache.Any other smartass Qs?
any thoughts about MeWe?
few good plays on Splinterlands today:

Today's Splinterlands play was a catastrophe, lol.
cleaning my TW account today, no links of any kind anymore
GIF cover art for my fiction chapter on "Traveler in the sky - DIY Future step-by-step and how tomorrow happened"

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Nice graphics! 😍
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We are secrets to each other
Each one's life a novel
No-one else has read

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Agreed 100%
The way to make more habitats and spread off this planet is with O'Neill cylinders. Millions of times more efficient.
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ummm not really, but if you could demonstrate ... hehehehe
Why TEH LONG face, Elon? (Tesla wants to hire somebody to help Elon Musk handle Twitter)
im all ab/ humor but this serious - Im scrolling Reddit 2day ab/ some current events, I found few threads about EM looking overly aged which is true. 2age that fast u either have 2b severly sick or cursed...
Defiance ( creative writing)
Actions, not words matter to the world. What I say is fleeting and what I feel nobody can witness.
New contest available, participants can vote in here under this post too
We can also imagine that at regular intervals they release a new, potentially deadly virus.
#ScienceFiction #Scifi
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Whatever happened with other 2? 🤣
I'm not offended by a person who uses VPN for US, Canada or UK to earn more, I'm disgusted by a system in which the people who - even already entitled - are still spoonfed graciously at the expense of everyone else.
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Contest closed w/ 0 participants.
Follow game results at:
Fiction: Traveler in the sky - DIY Future step-by-step and how tomorrow happened (PART 2)
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yes, you guessed the set correct, another one guessed closely how much DEC I will get, there is another contest for tomorrow, you can guess under it as well if you want
Prancing (on your nerves) - or how to create social media website dirt cheap
made it for myself, kind of cute