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I wish there was a service like for Europe - it allows you to create virtual credit card numbers for your credit card to avoid giving your real number
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I am using Nextcloud and Syncthing on my own servers for cloud storage.
109d · Great Reset
Excess deaths in 30 countries
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Gravitas: Why are so many young people dying of heart attacks?
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Random fact: Olympic gold medals are actually "92.5% silver and a minimum of 6 grams of gold"
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"What is ?"
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Random fact: ChatGPT knows about !
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Market Strategist Predicts Gold Will Be the Top Performer in 2023 Over Cryptocurrencies and Equities #gold #
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Gold Price Forecast: XAU/USD could see a bumpy road to recovery toward $1,930 – Confluence Detector #gold #preciousmetals
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Imagine if Visa set a limit on the number of global transactions every 10 minutes.
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Try one of these sites
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