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No, they re blaming anyone, except core:
720d · US Politics/Trump
You are talking about something very specific which you are calling money, which it is not.
720d · US Politics/Trump
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LN seems to just be aiming to be banking 2.0, especially with the custodian accounts or whatever they are called
720d · Capitalism
720d · Capitalism
I wouldn't exactly call Fidel a very cool guy either
720d · Capitalism
Che Guevara was a killer
720d · Capitalism
A big old killer
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Nihilistic basket cases should stop projecting their mental illness on the rest of us. If you want "control" so badly, just kill yourselves. I'll even pay for the funeral.
721d · Capitalism
The toy AIs that are now starting to bear fruit are intelligent in that they can solve certain complex problems, but the chasm separating intelligence and true consciousness may be very large.
721d · Capitalism
@LR if it means anything I think suicide should be legal too, just make arrangements instead of stinking up your apartment complex.
721d · Capitalism
We can declare things as human rights, but those "rights" remain scarce.
721d · Capitalism
good way to lower crime rates is increasing standard of living, I can agree with that. But I think a free market is the best way to boost SoL. As we produce more at lower cost, wealth increases
721d · Roblox
Roblox is truly the great equalizer
721d · Capitalism
I like to think that humanity is a happy accident
721d · Capitalism
Maybe showing them some Bob Ross will do the trick
721d · Capitalism
You do have to remember that an AI might not have the same motive as humanity. it doesnt have the same needs. Time preference could be completely foreign. just thinking aloud
721d · Capitalism
the idea of humanity making itself obsolete has been perplexing. But advances in genetics has hinted to use improving as a species as well. dont see that preventing the Control problem though.
721d · Capitalism
I'm not usually one to argue to fight inevitable innovation, but one to offer steps going forward, but this problem is currently above me. you've given me a lot to think about though.
721d · Capitalism
I doubt it will, we've made some big steps towards full A.I. Those drops are probably due to low-IQ individuals not dying and being able to reproduce. Product of an increasing standard of living
721d · Capitalism
innovation brings good and evil. it probably isnt in the interests of many to blow up the world, but the AI problem requires more thought than I've given it.
721d · Capitalism
but I'm no expert in the field or on that problem
721d · Capitalism
The Control problem is extremely interesting and it worries me too. The key probably lies in motivation.