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I used up all the honey yesterday.
However, I have no time to buy honey today
I can't drink honey water today 🥲
Finally, I uploaded all the clothes to auction.
There are so many photos haha
Show you the results here

I think that I should go to bed now 🥱
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That's a thoughtful gesture from your friend! Selling the clothes online is a great idea, especially since you have experience in that area. Best of luck with the auction!
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She really has a good taste in clothes
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Looks beautiful clothes
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If I successfully sold out these clothes this week, we would have extra 1000 NTD or even more money as our travel expenses next week
My friend gave me some clothes yesterday.
She knows that I have been selling clothes online for a long time, so she asked me to sell these clothes
I'm putting them on the auction now
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Take it easy haha
I have been restricted several times and my account is still working now
My twitter is back and working again. I was afraid of loosing it because I may not be able to join any active cashrain again. Luckily in just a few minutes of reactivating, it back to normal function.
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Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉

Now I have completed 1 BCH and I feel very happy.
Special thanks to Memo Cash & CashRain
Who rewarded me a lot.
Hopefully I ll earn More BCH in the future.
Thanks to All who support me.
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I guess the rain clouds moved to here haha
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Few hours ago it rained here.
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Thank you 😊
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Sounds like a cozy moment! Enjoy the rainy atmosphere, and hopefully, the rain will clear up in time for your shaved snow outing with your friend. Have a great time! ☔🍧👫
It's raining heavily outside
I hope that the rain will stop 2 hours later because I'm going to have some shaved snow with my friend
I'm going to change my ringtone
I found that I haven't changed it since I got this phone (one year ago haha)
Do you guys have any suggestions?

This is the ringtone of my old phone
Top 3 Best Investments:
1. Gold
2. Crypto
3. Your Dreams

Yourself is the best investment you could have.
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Congratulations 🎉
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Yeah that's true. Because everytime the price of BCH goes up your money will money will going up too.
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it is better to buy when the bch was quite low then hold it until u see a better value before sell
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yes, find a mom and pop shop. get them to sign up and i'll buy you a coffee or tea with memo.
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For example, if we earn 1 BCH now, it's 190 USD this moment.
But when the exchange rate goes up, it may be 300 or even more than 700 USD in the future
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Think about it in a different way
We can earn bch more easily when its price goes down
Because most of the earning websites(cashrain, faucet, etc.)denominate in US dollars
Now BCH is 190$
I wanted to exchange bch before oneday it's getting down. But I couldn't because it's started going down. I really need cash money. I have to buy a very important thing. Hope bch will pump soon. 🥺