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Finally got my Bitcoin set in stone.
Hoard what I mine.
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Other BTC miners mocked them for keeping BCH alive while it starved for hashpower
The set of rules is set. That is decentralized. Decentralization refers to the rules. Remember that Craig and Calvin were majority miners keeping BCH alive at one point too
Poolin has been mining BSV for weeks now also based on your link.
You have to enable "big memos" in settings.
It seems like wormhole was a cheap attempt to compete with ETH and Gabriel is nr1 zelout for ETH as he stated numerous times. He also forked metamask and made badger.
It's hard to understand competition and capitalism I know. In BCH I guess every raspberry needs to be consulted of approval.
Completely understand and agree. I only respect mining nodes. That’s why I made fun of adjusting the ABC “hobby” node. BSV is #1.
So stop snowballing Amaury and configure your hobby node? Or you prefer to be stuck with limits and confinement 🤷🏻‍♂️😂😂.
It’s not competing with ETH. It’s competing with EVERYTHING. And better than everything. ETH doesn’t work. BTC doesn’t work. BSV is the beast.
I’m declaring BSV #1. I can’t even text a decent size message because ABC is still locked at 200 characters. BSV is 65,000. What a shit Bitcoin BTC and BCH are
Mining pool “Poolin” seem like a big one and only mines BTC and BSV. Very interesting
1) he failed to rally miners to fight Core to defend Bitcoin system destroying BTC 2) goes up again BSV which is best implementation yet, etc. Text limit on ABC side prevents more lol
Is Memo SV different than Memo?
Yes, and now the text limit is 65,000 characters. Bigger blocks and less limits only for BSV.
Wow, clicking your link beamed me over to Memo SV...muy guay...very cool.
I wonder what happened to Jihan..
Feel bad for the guy. He loves bitcoin but made so many mistakes
He’s floating in the Yangtze River LOL
For those of you who are looking for a good desktop wallet check out it is basically Electron Cash but maintained for SV, feels good man.
Don’t get so upset Ed. I know you’re smart. I’ve seem your videos. Ignore the insults.
Fools never admit their mistake, they are too proud to admit they were wrong. Only wise and smart people admit when they were wrong.
what do u think of 200 char OP RETURN limit on BCH? BSV 65,000 limit. BSV block max 103 MB mined. Wu bankrupt. Do u concede u made mistake supporting Amaury instead of Satoshi Vision?
I have installed Memo mobile and gave it a thumbs up on the Play Store.