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Discovered Bitcoin in early 2015 and decided it could change the world and I would help. Rediscovered Bitcoin in August 2017 with BCH Also big fan and user of

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For my own posts it will stop when my unsplit BCH runs out. I deeply cared for pre-split BCH, now it is torn and weakened
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It will be interesting if this continues or stops. I have a feeling it will stop, but I would be pleasantly surprised if it didn't. This last fork was negative, and I know who I blame
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Great work, Haven't visited memo in a month or so, and I am pleasantly surprised with the changes. We can make this a major social channel yet!
1454d · memo
Memo now supports viewing, liking, and replying to Bitstagram posts!
1486d is loads of fun! Great gambling site for BSV
List your coin at @BTCPOPCO, early pricing, POS wallet, POS faucet, access to 250k users, planned exchange updates and more to come.
Used @money_button on @FivebucksC best payment User Experience I have had in crypto before. No copy paste, QR code, simply swiped a button order is on the way! Great work both
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I'll add Melbourne businesses :)
I don't think Crypto should wait for Wall St. I think we should put our foot on the gas and keep building.
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It's fun to stay at...
I loaded this picture with BCH via Pixel app. The password is Micheal Scotts pin Code
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possibly the most useless thing ever posted to the blockchain nice work! lol
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when Jimmy said "Do you think Satoshi is God?" I said out loud, "what a stupid question". Roger takes the mic and says the same thing lol my sides
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Phillipines president Duterte: "Obama go to hell you son of a bitch"