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Everybody let's shouuuuttttt 🗣️
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Hello.. long time no see here 😃
Happy New year 🎉
LET'S welcome 2021 🍾 may we bless abundance of joy and blessings this year.

God bless you all
LOL 😂 can't fix my profile pic 😂
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Paabala 😁
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Thanks @Uther i saw my name on the list 🙏😇😍
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Voted 😁🤪😉
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Do you want to see pictures of aliens?
Yes 58 votes · 76,686 satoshis
No 12 votes · 2,110 satoshis


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After the halving...
Will BTC domminance go up or down from its current level of 66%?
Up 20 votes · 2,555 satoshis
Down 33 votes · 4,420 satoshis
It will stay at 66% 5 votes · 0 satoshis
Not sure 1 votes · 555 satoshis


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Ohh im late 😭
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Quarantine is getting worst because of this pandemic, oh Lord please heal our land and ends this virus, We don't have enough food when it lasts longer the locked down and extend it again once the cases will be bigger
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Ohh too much drunk is not good to your health.. Just a friendly reminder to you @uther 😊
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Do you eat micrawavable meals sometimes?
Yes 60 votes · 8,804 satoshis
No 29 votes · 11,345 satoshis


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Ohh thank you uther for the tip ❤️😍 thankful and appreciate it..
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Here's another one to prove to you that me and my chickens are real

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Lol that's not fake, that's real me and my chicken.. Here another proof that is real

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Here's my chicken, i love him so much that's why i carry him 😍🐔