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A desperate call from a ShitcoinMaximalist....

#CultOfCore #Blockstream #Bitcoin
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It will be solved in next BCH upgrade
I signed up a new merchant for #BCH today 🤗 he gains economic freedom for his business.
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📢 Ask me Anything, USDH the first regulated stablecoin on BCH blockchain, 17th of June 20:00~21:00 HongKong Time #USDH #BCH #Dailymemo new design 💚💲 #BCH #Bitcoin #Dailymemo
Thank you to everybody who reposts and like my posts about and music.

You guys are the best. I really appreciate the support.
v0.5.0 of the Cashual wallet is out on google play. You can now backup using the android app backup system already present on your device, and you can also make touch backups with NFC.
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Prediction: Bitcoin Cash Price before Hard Fork in Nov, 2019.
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There's an easter egg in here. Can you spot it?
Again and again I send some satoshis to eatBCH. It is well spent money.
Had a wicked Spiderverse shoot yeaterday!
I used tippr for the first time today. One thing surprises me. I had 0.02450364 BCH balance. After withdrawal of 0.001 BCH, I got 0.02350364 BCH balance. No fees were charged. Why?
GoT (SPOILERS!!!) would Bitcoin have saved the day?

Recapping GoT w/ Crypto Brekkie, BitBoy, Crypto Euclid, Mystical Oaks, Will Pangman, Tone Vays, Chelsea Palmer, Young Dumb Crypto & more
This is some macro photography that I shot using a smooth circular patterned snail against rough straight edged rock. The contrasting subject matter is complimentary in combination IMO

Pencil sketch of my friend, with complete process.

My son lost a tooth, Tooth Fairy now uses Bitcoin Cash :)
I need to quit smoking ... actually I need motivation to quit smoking.
Interesting...I don't see any crypto celebs or powerplayers calling for the delisting of the USDT fraud.
Hi! This is Kia.
Weekly Crypto Recap: Kraken delists BSV, Rakuten welcomes bitcoin, and more!
Goood morning everyone :)