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Another great video!
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great Sense of humor from Erik there :-)
BCH Is Now Supported by a Large Crypto ATM Network in Switzerland https://news.bitcoin.com/bch-is-now-supported-by-a-large-crypto-atm-network-in-switzerland/
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BCH community is the best ever.
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Which online calculator can give you the bch satochi to USD?
Just saw a Bitcoin movie with my lovely wife and 7 year old daughter :-) Trying to prepare them for the Future of money!
Just saw a Bitcoin movie with my lovely wife and 7 year old daughter :-) Trying to prepare them for the Future of money!
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Haha.. No..not for me... I will, however, put my creative works on the blockchain :-) Music, lyrics, poetry... I'm sure the diary man/woman will come out of the woodworks one day :-)
Fun fact: if you generate a list of numbers, say from 0000000000 to 9999999999, then you have to treat them as personal data: some are phone numbers of persons. You need consent to publish them, according to the GDPR.
More than 100 active users yesterday!
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Sad to see people leave Memo because we don't drop support of whichever coin they don't like :(
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I agree! No one should forget that 'P2P and censorship resistance' is the real prize here.
I wonder who will be the first to keep a personal diary on the blockchain for their entire life?
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And somehow this trivial insight in some of your consumption habits is putting a big smile on my face. Your next of kin will be grateful knowing you have a great sense of humor :-)
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Kinda makes you think twice before writing something down, doesn't it :-)
replied · 179d
Haha.. I like those odds :-)
replied · 179d
Nope, it will be about for ever. Makes it kind of fun to record stupid events like,

At 16:45 on Tuesday 19th March 2019 CDS had a cup of tea with 2 chocolate digestives. :-)
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Yes, it is carved in blockchain.
If enough nuclear weapons were used globally in a narrow enough window of time it might be "deleted",
but if stored on an HDD alien archeologists might still revive it, someday.
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