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Sk8eM dUb
replied 738d
Looks damn amazing. One of these days I'll come visit you in Korea if I can get one of these.
Who doesn't want a Bitcoin Cash Apparel Website? I will not have the time to do this the way I had intended. just signed a recording deal with a regional distributor. Which is great for me. All u do is promote it.
739d · bcaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash
Thank you for using the real bitcoin 🖕😂🖕
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Brexit 1776 - Happy Independence Day from the USA.
740d · memo
You can now find all the top posts from r/btc crossposted on memo, LIVE!
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How's that "RE-Membo" Button coming along?
Leading zeros
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Nice shirt😍
replied 740d
Hope when 2018-09-01, with strees test. Transactions of BCH can overtake XRP & ETH, be the largest transaction coin.
replied 740d
Can you explain to me how not building Dapps on BCH is better than ETH or Nem?
replied 740d
Patience. They will get theirs. If the tech we have is what it is, there is nothing to fear.
741d · US Politics/Trump
that's true, the collusion is undeniable, but the undeniable evidence points to hillary and obama colluding, not trump
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they can't HODL onto their seats, it'll be standing room only inside the bus too,
they'll be hanging out the windows.
Spent all weekend in the confines of my office working. There is too much on my plate. ;) I suppose that is better than too little.
BTC difficulty adjustment in ~24 high fee, new network congestion, new opportunity for flippening. IT WILL BE NICE WEEK!

$9.99 BCH-TEE
Sk8eM dUb
742d · US Politics/Trump
Who watches the watchers? Trey Gowdy watches the watchers.
Is reddit really down, or is it just me?
743d · memo
Don't have much free time these days but I haven't given up working on my memo app. There's some UI errors but those will be fixed:
Hello Memo! Just testing out the site to see what it's all about. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. :)
743d · Bitcoin Cash
The biggest gainer of the recent spike 😉
Hello world. Newbie here. Just joined and hope to be of incredible use to you. 💪
743d · memo
Anyone else notice how the anti-BCH spammers have given up? Seems like memo's incentive structure is working quite well so far. Will be interesting to see how future waves play out.