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Decentralization is becoming the only option
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Famously bearded: Hadrian, Marcus Aurelius, Julian.
Famously unbearded: Alexander, Scipio Africanus, Constantine.
So which is your type? Intellectual or conquerer/mass murderer?
Bitcoiners are acting in solidarity with a government mandating people use a certain money.

Bitcoin was supposed to replace fiat. Instead it became fiat.
Snowden Says Don’t Use WiFi : RESPONSE VIDEO!

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"If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're mis-informed" -Mark Twain
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Cheat sheet for talking to laser-eyed bitcoiners.

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Value based on utility? That's dangerous thinking, Twatter.
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Totally. We can, and I think we are in the process of teaching people that it's in their best interest to stop being criminals and stop tolerating criminality
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Hopefully we can reinvent reality, better.
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So much fascinating history has been mostly supressed. It's almost as if some people don't want you to know how close anarchism came to the mainstream for a while there.
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Yes, I am continuously surprised by the depth and breadth of anarchist thinking (and doing!) in the late 19th / early 20th century. Anarchism was much more widespread then.
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...or to escape the devise suffix trap with a prefix, Meta-anarchy. I didn’t know it had such a deep history though.
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TIL: Anarcho-[how dare you insert something here]ism is totally a thing

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Humans have a long track record of filling unknowns with pure bullshit.
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Faith = believing without evidence.

It is the ultimate mark of unintelligence.
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Anarcho-totalitarianism: The regime monitors and controls your every action to make sure you are 100% free. If you are ever coerced, you will be forcibly uncoerced.
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e.g ‘Anarcho-molism: reject the tyranny of the surface for a life of ungovernable subterranean freedom.’
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Anarcho-Reality: Recognizing we already exist in anarchy, only the criminals have more power than you, and most your neighbors are cool with it.
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
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Just think if they connected that spinning cone to a generator it could power the escalator and it would run forever..
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Just last week, Israel's ridiculous supreme court decided this practice is constitutional, because SOME of the posters MAY be bots, and thus don't have human rights :-D
I kid you not.
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52 tweets is nothing... Twitter and Facebook routinely remove thousands of posts that express anti-zionist views at the request of the Israeli government, without even a court order.
Governments and big tech control your every thought. Don't let them. Opt out and use decentralized tech.