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The only ACTUAL rule on memo is that you can't pretend like you can delete posts on memo. Since you've violated this rule, I have had no choice but to delete your post.
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If you discover any rules
which we have not already broken
please post a how-to so we can fix that oversight.
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- If this does not work out, I would like to see a clear choice by economic actors (businesses, wallets, application developers, exchanges, miners, and so on).
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Unambiguous statement that aserti3-2d should be implemented and Grasberg should be decisively rejected.

Initial signers:
General Protocols
Software Verde
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There needs to be an alternative to capture:fork:repeat
2d · bitcoin cash
Dark secrets of the Grasberg DAA by Jonathan Toomim https://read.cash/@jtoomim/dark-secrets-of-the-grasberg-daa-351975e3
The BitcoinCashJ @flipstartercash campaign is in progress. :)


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What I dislike as much as the government is the denial of the scientific method and denial of science in general. :)
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for ethereum its another problem. ethereum 1.0 can't scale because of technical reasons. btc can scale, but doesnt want to.
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Bitcoin Cash has the greater claim to the Bitcoin brand because Bitcoin Cash sticks to the original vision.
9d · bitcoin cash
Second DAA development meeting in 2 hours.
9d · bitcoin cash
DAA dev meeting 2: Long discussion about the DAA drift correction. Noone outside of ABC was really convinced (too many cons for too little pros). A new meeting should happen in a week or so.
21d · Twitter
You don't really own your Twitter handle.

Twitter owns it.

Twitter has the ultimate authority over who posts with your identity, not you.
We Should All Have Something To Hide
I'm shocked that Chinese social media network TikTok has been spying on its users. That is the job of American social media networks.
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The green and red dots correspond to two different locations along one of the yeast's chromosomes that are tagged using two different fluorescent DNA-binding proteins.
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Here's a picture I took of one of my buddies. This little guy has fluorescently-labeled chromosomes that we can track with live-cell microscopy:
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Well I'm a scientist, and I'm currently in academia, so I only have a casual acquaintance with the terms "real job" and "paid"... But most of my work does involve fluorescent yeast.
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Woah you do that for a real job?? Meaning you get paid to do this?? That's pretty awesome lolol
With YouTube purging everyone, we need to look CRITICALLY at alternatives. I did this with LBRY and I'm impressed.
“If you are depressed you are living in the past. If you are anxious you are living in the future. If you are at peace you are living in the present.” ― Lao Tzu
36d · donald trump rapes and murders children
Member.cash will, from this day forward, be banning this topic. Nah. Only kidding. Carry on, lunatics.
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Do they say what the transformation mix contains? LiAc/PEG? I have to admit, until I saw this video it never occurred to me that you can transform yeast without a centrifuge...