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As a miner, I would vote my hashrate against that proposal. Creating a slush fund like that is a good way to waste money in an unaccountable way and will invite waste and
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Actually it's from Hindu scripture, The Bhagavad Gita: "The Song of God", often referred to as the Gita and is a 700-verse Sanskrit scripture that is part of the epic Mahabharata.
Miami Bitcoin Conference was a success for BCH. The people at bitcoin.com are tirelessly trying to increase BCH adoption!
So I started working on a Bitcoin Cash project exactly a month ago and I’m finally releasing it. Introducing Simplecash, a developer API to simplify BCH payments in a non-custodial way: https://simplecash.co
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Huge update coming to Crescent Cash soon! I'm so excited for this update. It will fix so many issues and allow for introducing cooler features in the future. :)

One thing this will enable in the near future is (...)
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Why a new token? What's wrong with appreciation using BCH?
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I doubt this will happen any time soon... But let's hope it will! Annexation is the best hope for Palestine at this point.
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Bitcoin Cash Reference Documentation
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Support this young man. He's doing a good job.

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Use KeypassX to write down your password safely!! And store the KeypassX database in an encrypted email box like http://protonmail.com
7837 Dutch Restaurants Want To Put Food in Your Piehole for BCH. They're all on the Member Map. https://memberapp.github.io/?nl#map?geohash=u173zw0sx2sp
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Oops, because it's not true apparently. There are only 6,010. A lot of the restaurants are shown in multiple cities. I got too excited and didn't double check my facts!
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Memo is the first and only social medium I use (I am registered on reddit and Twitter, but I hardly use them at all).

However, I use memberapp.
After using Memo for a year, I can definitely say it's the most promising and well-developed social media platform I frequent.

I find myself using it more and more over time, many thanks to devs for their hard work
Upset the USA stole Snowden's book money?
I donated to the family that sheltered him in Hong Kong. The USA is trying to destroy their lives in retaliation.
The donate page accepts crypto!
BCH price is not yet based on adoption. It is still determined by speculation (like BTC price). It will be a while before this changes #dailymemo
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In the explorer dropdown for posts on memo.cash there is now a link to Member
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test of markdown
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