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My next smartphone will be HTC
replied · 2d
Cough, hack, *israel, wheeze, puff..
"To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticise." - Voltaire
replied · 2d
Hey great! Maybe you could read those actions and include them in feeds with a link to the Member map? I could rustle up a link format that open the map automatically.
replied · 2d
I've always been a fan of the geolocation tagging. Seems like a pre-cursor to on-chain Yelp.
replied · 2d
I bet that quote was entered into evidence in his Chapter 11 hearing.
Censorship-resistance is one of #BitcoinCash's strengths and one way the blockchain can address the turn-key police state is by enabling on-chain social networks.

Credit to memobch for pioneering this space.
replied · 4d
The Member website is also censorable. I'm working hard to bring you an app that you can download that won't be though :)
replied · 4d
Of course, the ideal solution would be a change to the memo PROTOCOL: a flag that labels several posts as making up a single large post, thus eliminating the character limit for good.
replied · 5d
Cool! Could we have a setting to always roll up self-replies, instead of doing it in a post-by-post manner?
· 5d · Memo
You can now view self-replies rolled up. Link in block explorer dropdown, e.g. https://memo.cash/post/c8560512ff21fe1aa5c5db0c6ddcea652baa4151913c0438488e546c60d5b784?roll
Member is a personally-financed, non-profit project.

There's nothing wrong with profit, but I just find it easier to grow a project when it is not compromised by revenue considerations.
· 23d
I'm starting to think memo.cash might be the most interesting thing in all of crypto right now. I'm glad I'm here. #dailymemo
· 27d
Tweets come and go, but Memos are forever. #dailymemo
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Chess.com doesnt support tipping just yet (hopefully soon) but we can do the tipping on here, and maybe itll catch on! I know millions of people like to play chess,why not for BCH!!
If you have any political leanings which continue to assume the violent rule of central planners, then YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.
Cats also love Bitcoin Cash
replied · 39d
Doubt it. The central banks finally started turning the money printers off, the market whined a bit, and they turned them right back on. They just won't let the stock market go down.
During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act (George Orwell)
Two wrongs don't make a right, but three lefts do.
I can stop hearing helicopters all day, looks like Maduro is preparing for the U.S military intervention