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"For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky."


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Give to Caesar what is Caesar's. Avoid the dollar like the plague.
Anarchists have no win condition.
Teach the fishing, don't just give the fish.
Cool tool: long live groupchat!
$8B USD is enough to cover seawalls for both Louisiana and Huston. #wrongWall
Okay - time to let others have a little fun with this: is free chat for Memo users (on the BCH chain)
Inside is free chat for BCH users.
Ugliest Hack Ever.
Suggestion: use local storage for the user's pass-key (I'm assuming you're using the $_SESSION)
That would require self-referential code...which, in a distributed system, is DANGEROUS (read skynet).
JPM Coin: Target Acquired
Holy shit, transactions almost doubled?? Good job everyone, this is amazing.
Trollbox is a nice touch.
Marduk beckons: "One FREE 10K SAT bet available for the brave." ~ (BCH Roulette)
Inherent high stakes.
Perfect example of the pitfalls inherent to crypto for those overzealous, greedy, and used to fast & loose rules. Will be in the history books under "how not to do it".
Another day another calculated misstep for SV: sunsetting P2SH.
Anytime the sky parts
we drown in anticipation
forsaking our knowledge
of what must come to pass.
Exchange rate?
I'd like to thank those paying for Mobile Data
for enabling me to look-up real-time traffic for free.
I did not say that BSV is unfeasible, but that the SV team is not interested in feasibility, only in control. They are mired in law, competing in a field that does not care.
IMO, SV is like Napster looking to be purchased by thought for long term feasibility (feasibility, NOT scaling): All their hooks are baited with products for businesses.
For those w/o the ability to read QR Codes, might want to post the text "Teat" address.
There aren't any chickens yet, this will change when we find an egg.

"Always moving
never walking
And pick up only pages."

Award: 1 Million SAT (ABC)
Answer (Salted) SAH256: 7625137cb8ff4dbfa8fce77bab7f8b812c689ae05b25a13cba32b28ec181b2ed
something fun coming with the next upgrade...right on theme, and right on chain :)
Some people bring their own vision to the party. It certainty wasn't due to SV's copy-writing prowess: "Miners needs massive scaling to earn more money"