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There's a "include qt" setting when upgrading/installing python
Stuck multi-output TXs have been run, and Marduk will be waking in a few hours...thanks for the patience!
The node is running ABC (message @ fork/upgrade is in the sidebar). I'm going to touch up the "How to Play" page as well to make it more apparent.
OK - thanks! Will get back to you when it's ready to go.
For debugging, what wallet did you end up using (shouldn't ultimately be the issue, but would like to test).
Currently only handles single bet transactions. I'll pop-'em open today to add multi-bet transactions. Would you be down for another test in a couple hours (bet's on me) ?
SV knows (and their partners will soon find out) that the majority of the utility of crypto is in its non-government-friendliness. They're mining a "snipped" chain. #EunicCoin
And astoundingly outclassed by a sharding topology.
Go get em!
How is it a "free" bet?
This is how.
1. BTC was a complete black swan event and a real threat on existing power structures
2. "someone" decided the best way to deal with it was to infiltrate the development team and minimize the effectiveness of the
I see now that it is indeed a fork.
Have worked with Metamask before...assuming it's implementation is somewhat similar?
Yes, am the me some sweet whitepaper and I'll see if it's do-able/worth it.
The dragon cracks and eye and booms "Who wants a Free 10K Bet?" - (BCH Roulette)
Ugh....too many forks makes Jack ignore the datestamp...
That might've been me....source code says "<!-- Wire, Copyright (C) 2018 Wire Swiss GmbH -->". Haven't signed up so not sure what's been added after un-boxing.
Yes, max scripts 201 => 500 on the SV side.
Is a combination of POW & POS worth exploring?
3 BCH user on-boards this week.
Bitcion : SV :: Bittorrent : Napster

They'll go down in flames.
Bitcoin : SV :: Napster : Roxio
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