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"For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky."


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Can we expect chaos in its wake? #insurancePackage
Why does Coinstar BTC purchase only accept bills (not coins)? Are we still pretending serial numbers aren't tracked?
Hit a dev snag -- can't seem to get a ECDSA to pass with OP_CDSV. Has anyone had luck with CDSV sigs and bitcore-lib-cash?
Punctuate the equilibrium, and hold on tight.
Another spike immediately after a payday. Everyone want's in, but they still have to eat via fiat.
"things would get a lot cheaper" ... I don't follow.
A dwarf hurries by the shop door with purpose.
sent · 2,000 sats · 39d
I've a question regarding OP_CHECKDATASIG: it's failing under ABC-19 but seems correct otherwise...any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks! TX Details:
When morals are imposed from the outside, we loose our capacity to hold our own...and lap-up the immoral like so much antifreeze when we find it lying about.
There's a parallel between vaccination and exposure to hate: keep up on your shots, or risk loosing your grounding.
If a video is made unavailable for sharing (to limit it's viral reach), it must be made available elsewhere for those that still wish to view it. This is censorship.
You see the top of a Dwarf head peaking at the crowd from the window of the Tavern.
Facebook loosing $1,700 per second .... music to the ears.
Other providers gone dark? Flip the tracks to Memo.
/me rouses at the commotion...still groggy from the unplanned nap.
(Was hoping to be a NPC of sorts ..."active scenery"... but can throw together some stats.)
/me stirs at the fresh firewood popping.
/me is asleep in the corner, an odorous dwarf noisily sleeping with his beard in a mostly-drank wooden stein.
The 2016 Bernie Sanders Campaign paid over $7,450,000 in AMEX fees. #middlemen #bitcoin #politics
Oh high river
these shoulder grow weary
and tomorrow's will
becomes overbearing
Retirement is the carrot that keeps new families from amassing wealth over generations.
This exists despite of law. The legal business model is out-dated.
Payday, and the tide returns...
$8B USD is enough to cover seawalls for both Louisiana and Huston. #wrongWall
JPM Coin: Target Acquired