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There is no “winner” in a traditional sense. Winners in competitions are designated at a specific time under specific conditions & are winner of that comp forever.
Bitcoin has become synonymous with crypto in the wider sphere. It's not which coin is bitcoin, it's which coin gets used. Coin usage is the single ... well "use case".
This looks like a fun injection endpoint...
Nice one !
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@nikamoto Looks like DMARC and PTR record issues.
Could someone refer a blockchain-knowledgeable patent lawyer?
One free 5000 SAT bet available ... while it's hot! ~
@Nikamoto the goal of bitcoin is to be unstoppable money, there's really no point in using it for things like that.
Just try to stop it :)
I think though, that if crypto united, it would look better to outsiders. After all we need new retail money.
The age of retail is closing.
Would be very cool if we could have one chain for all. Though I think it's very unlikely/impossible,
Judging from similar structures in nature, we're looking at pairs of coins.
9♥️ 3♠️ Q♥️ K♦️ 10♠️
Hit me.
So confused...would like to know more
Scope keeps shifting upstream...tokens >> storage >> unprunable storage. Token proof of concept done ~ a week ago, data storage proof coming soon with generic whitepaper.
Persistent does not mean irrevocable. I have taken care to ensure that the mining incentives are not effected.
Involves no changes to the protocol.
Doing so puts strain on other nodes (interfering with the cash aspect of BCH). You would force nodes to store arbitrary data forever with no remuneration.
Persistent does not mean irrevocable. I have taken care to ensure that the mining incentives are not effected.
That is the opposite of what you want
I think you may miss-assume my implementation. It is exactly what I (and others) want.
This can all be pruned (and will be by most nodes except for archival ones)
Just about there with un-prunable data storage on chain.
replied to post by memo
· 8 days ago
Under that argument, memo probably shouldn't be on the blockchain either.

To take the data down you have to take the entire currency down. This is extremely powerful. #bitcoin:

<ANON1> Potentially out-of-protocol security can help give confidence of a large transaction faster
<ANON1> like "I'll shoot you if you double spend" kind of thing

Great tech over there.
@OffGuardian0: However you feel about #AlexJones... the most worrying aspect is that these supposedly independent companies #Apple #Google- all took the same exact action on the same exact day.
I still want memo to have a tab for that one-pixel-at-a-time painting thing like the reddit place post from some years back
Then build it.
Currently, BTC feels like a VM running "Banking 1.0".
Even a Yatsuba theme for memo would go a long way.
No tracking or ads yet. They will come. Everything you post is on a public blockchain which can be tracked by anyone, anywhere.
Making the knowledge public destroys its commercial advantage.
These are great: Any chance of getting time-of-day stats, ie actions from 1:00 GMT - 2:00 GMT? Would help with planning.
@excre much obliged :)
I wonder if Starbucks is aware of the fact that there was quite literally a civil war over whether coffee should be on the blockchain, and that they're on the chain that doesn't want coffee.

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