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"For the world is hollow, and I have touched the sky."


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FB is no longer an asset, but a liability.
"You stood on the shoulders of geniuses [...] and before you even knew what you had you patented it and packaged it and slapped it on a plastic lunchbox and now you’re selling it..."
Fear not: for the sea must withdraw before returning to unleash the wave. #BCH
Rolling on up to one FREE 10K SAT bet ... first come first served! ~ (BCH Roulette)
@sherrykochmail Much obliged.
My thought was that Shatoshi's keys were being kept for a signing/re-initialization of the blockchain when/if size became an issue. Who wouldn't trust those keys?
"Longest chain wins" only applies to miners extending the same chain.. if BCH splits into 2 incompatible chains then they both would become the longest chain of their own consensus
Gotcha...thanks for the straight shootin'
How will this play with the "longest chain wins" mentality?
In the event of a chain split, does the DAR ensure that competing chains stay relatively the same length regardless of relative hash power?
In the event of a chain split, does the DAR effectively ensure that chains will stay relatively the same length regardless of hash power?
One FREE 5000 SAT bet on the table...first come first served! ~ (BCH Roulette)
I love BCH and I cannot stop spreading the joy of BCH to everybody on this planet.
Gonna have to insist on proper ROYGBIV spectrum order please.
There are multiple generations that won't touch stocks with a 39.5' pole: Rigged to the max. POS is on it's way out. POW is on it's way in.
The last check on power is "We the People". Do not pass go...
Total freedom, and this is your drivel?
I though I recognized that layout...
.io is popular
Threading would add to the simultaneity of the stress TXs: Pre-fill multiple addresses, wait for multiple confirms, then run dust script with multiple originating addresses.
What is the general local for these addresses? Oregon?
Simon Van Gelder
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