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replied 2d
I'm sorry Georg. RIP
First post on member interface. Looks good! wtf is a memorandum? :D
replied 24d
Read the instructions carefully before you donate if you want to qualify for molecc's matching!
replied 24d
Routine housekeeping. Not like they slipped something controversial into the spec right after booting you....................
In support of the goal of allowing Bitcoin Cash to become the best money the world has ever seen, I support the Bitcoin Cash node project.
- Jonald
replied 33d
emergent_reasons#100🌵 FTW!
replied 33d
🌵 FTW!
Crypto barbarians don't debate at the Forum, they build the new world outside the walls.
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You don't think so?
replied 46d
It's depressing that we failed to save BTC. BUT living in reality, fee events are like sports for me. Way more entertaining than price.
replied 53d
3 "yes" and 1 "absolutely"

Not only that, but also "Does that potential reaction [of currently neutral miners] pose a risk to BCH?" -> unanimous yes again.
created poll 53d
I asked the group of BCH-friendly hardware miners on reddit several questions. One was "Do you think the majority of miners will view the IFP as a tax / reduction in profit?" The unanimous answer was:
Yes, it will be viewed as a tax. 4 votes · 1,000 satoshis
No, it will not be viewed as a tax. 1 votes · 999 satoshis


Happy New Year memo. Looking forward to bringing you some happy surprises this year.
replied 89d
What is "value" to you Mike? No crypto is close to mainstream yet. I suggest another perspective: crypto without utility has no chance to retain purchasing power. BCH has a shot.
replied 96d
I asked read.cash about embeddable sponsorships. "It's on the list."
Two days later... it's implemented. Nice execution!

Go try a win-win sponsorship today:
Youtube has gone ballistic on crypto videos. Predictions on the cause and what comes next?
Sponsorship has well aligned incentives for sustainable infrastructure as the Bitcoin Cash ecosystem grows. I like this take: read.cash/@Read.Cash/how-to-grow-the-bitcoin-cash-ecosystem-our-vision-part-2-d30a9c07
Saw @btcfork calling for articles and thought I would revise this old but decent one about why low fees are an important design goal. https://read.cash/@emergent_reasons/5700000-in-pending-fees-b2c1d8ef
replied 130d
Hey Mike. You should hit me up on telegram. I want to shill you on something.
replied 131d
After you get it installed, follow the instructions to make a contract to yourself (you are donating to yourself through the contract). If you can get that working, let me know.
replied 131d
...... you are asking about mecenas. Please ignore that message : / Sorry.
replied 131d
Ah sorry. This is for mecenas. You can follow the same instructions for the first part with the escrow plugin though.
replied 131d
There should not be problems, but always try a plugin on a new wallet or one that you are not worried if it has problems.