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replied · 14h
IPFS once they get around to using BCH on the incentive layer.
created poll · 38d
Hello Memos. Do you have a stealth mode project going on?
Yes 2 votes · 0 satoshis
No 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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replied · 52d
And credibility
replied · 54d
I look forward to the day we get a leak and find out. I bet on him knowing roughly what's going on. He's not dumb. He just has to say dumb things as an arm of the propaganda machine.
replied · 55d
Don't get cut by Hanlon's razor. Blockchain and Jimmy have been very effective at stalling Bitcoin for years. Is it their intention?
· 81d
Just tried tipbitcoincash for the first time. So easy and fun. Zero fees.

Try it on Collin's Independence Day 24 hour feed.
replied · 83d
replied · 85d
We will work on taking BCH to mass adoption and lead this lagging indicator.
You coming to https://bitcoincashcity.com ?
replied · 88d
Branches are dangerous but what you really have to watch out for are forks.
replied · 96d
He didn't pay them. He taught them THIS ONE SECRET YOU WON'T BELIEVE about how to dump on your team for profit.
· 97d
https://cashshuffle.com/pt << Português

Hello Memos. Please thank @m4ktub2 (are you on here Claudio??) for the translation. Please share.

replied · 100d
This week, you are scoring somewhere between Vin and Daniel on the cryptic scale :D
· 100d
Hello Memos. Nice message from Vin if you have not heard it.
Bitcoin: A Sovereignty System
replied · 101d
This makes me want to make a downvote token :D
replied · 102d
Why would a conference need AML/KYC?
· 102d
Early bird tickets until July 15.
Great speaker list.
Businesses can sponsor.
If you can't come but want to help, you can do digital sponsorship.
But really, you should come.
replied · 103d
What's generating popcorn today?
replied · 104d
What is going on in that thread? Everything is deleted. DrFunkenstein6 went protected, etc.
· 104d
Hello Memos. CashShuffle site is now in French also. Please share.

· 106d

Good to be aware of. Big governments acting badly :(
replied · 107d
The earliest form of social media whoring.
· 107d
Hey Cali Memos. Y'all need to get on the shaking intensity scale ASAP. Richter is pretty useless for measuring the impact of a quake.
· 108d
Hello Memos. I realized most of you probably have not seen this BCH shop before. The fabric and ink quality is amazing. Bags, clothes, accessories, pins.
· 108d
8. SideShift sets the price so just send a small amount of whatever you have
9. Wait for confirmations depending on what you are sending
10. The 🌶️🌶️🌶️ flows
· 108d
4. Select "From" whatever you want to trade (BCH, ETH, ...)
5. Click the "To" side and choose "Spice Token"🌶️
6. Click "From Badger Wallet" to set your receiving address for 🌶️
7. Click "Start Transaction"